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Board of Directors

2014 HFA Board

Volunteers are a vital part of the HFA’s success in serving the bleeding disorders community. Their lasting contributions of time, talent, and dedication ensure that the HFA fulfills its mission. Accordingly, volunteers make up the HFA Board and also serve as chairs and members of HFA program committees.

2015 HFA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors and officers of Hemophilia Federation of America as of April 2015:


  • Tracy Cleghorn, Board President
  • Scott Boling, Co-Vice President
  • Mark Antell, Co-Vice President
  • Mandy McCullough, Board Secretary
  • Aaron Reeves, Board Treasurer
  • Michael Birmingham, Member at Large
  • Josh Hemann, Member at Large
  • Matthew Compton, Past President


First Name Last Name Organization
John Palmatier Alaska Hemophilia Association
Robin Parker Hemophilia Foundation of Arkansas
Open Seat Arizona Hemophilia Association
Sean Hubbert Central California Hemophilia Foundation
Open Seat Hemophilia Foundation of Northern California
Mickey Price Hemophilia Foundation of Southern California
Mandy McCullough Connecticut Hemophilia Society, Inc
Maria Rubin Florida Hemophilia Association
Joshua Hemann Hemophilia of Iowa
Scott Boling Independent Member
Bob Robinson Bleeding Disorders Alliance Illinois
Scott Ehnes Hemophilia of Indiana
Edgar Guedry Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation
Diane Lima New England Hemophilia Association
Carletha Gates Hemophilia Foundation of Maryland
Aaron Reeves Hemophilia Foundation of Minnesota / Dakotas
Suzanne Sirko-Carney Gateway Hemophilia Association
Zack Strange Hemophilia of North Carolina
Tom Russomano Hemophilia Association of New Jersey
Dana Brayshaw Hemophilia Association of the Capital Area
Hanukkah Rea Watson Sangre de Oro Hemophilia Foundation of New Mexico
David Huskie Bleeding Disorders Association of NE NY
Lesa Kaercher Bleeding Disorders Association of the Southern Tier
Linda Mugford Hemophilia Association of New York, Inc.
Steve Graziano Mary M. Gooley Hemophilia Center
Wendy Chou New York City Hemophilia Chapter
Ray Volney Northern Ohio Hemophilia Foundation, Inc.
Stewart Worthington Hemophilia Foundation of Oregon
Hector Ortiz Hemophilia Outreach of El Paso
James Setliff Lone Star Hemophilia Chapter
Chad Fredrickson Texas Central Hemophilia Association
Mark Antell Independent Member
Zack Bordone Virginia Hemophilia Foundation
Tracy Cleghorn Independent Member
Darcy Zwier Wisconsin Bleeding Disorders Network
Derek Flake Mid-South Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Foundation
Open Seat Rocky Mountain Hemophilia & Bleeding Disorders Association
John Reed Oklahoma Hemophilia Foundation
Open Seat Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter of NHF
Open Seat Snake River Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorders
Suzie Harlan Tennessee Hemophilia and Bleeding Disorder Foundation
Vicki Jacobs-Pratt Hemophilia Alliance of Maine
Michael Birmingham Bleeding Disorders Foundation of Washington
John Redington Comprehensive Bleeding Disorders Center
Patrice Thomas Hemophilia Foundation of Michigan
Bonnie Phifer Hemophilia of South Carolina


Professional Advisors

  • Donald Akers, Jr., JD, General Counsel
  • Christopher Walsh, MD, PhD, Medical Advisor
  • Robert Sidonio, MD, MSc. Medical Advisor
  • Linda Wyman-Collins, RN, Medical Advisor
  • Detrice Barry, RN, PhD, Medical Advisor
  • John Reed, Pharmacist, Medical Advisor
  • Greg McClure, LSW, Medical Advisor

Assisting and Advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Community