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Causes of VWD

A person is born with Von Willebrand Disease. VWD cannot be caught from someone else and it cannot spread like a virus or an infections.

VWD affect males and females equally. The majority of the cases are “inherited”, passed from parents to children through their genes. Some cases are due to “spontaneous mutations” caused by a change in the gene that carries the instructions to produce the VW factor.

Type 1 and type 2:

  • Usually inherited.
  • One of the parents has the mutated gene and has a 50% chance of passing it to the child.
  • Parent may not know they carry the mutated gene because their symptoms may be very mild or don’t have symptoms at all.

Type 3:

  • Type 3 is always inherited.
  • Both parents pass the gene to the child.

Please view the illustrations demonstrating the inheritance patterns for VWD to learn more.

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