Sibling rivalry isn’t unique to parents raising a child with a bleeding disorder. However, when one child is diagnosed with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease (vWD), it affects the entire family dynamic. Sometimes unaffected siblings feel resentment, left out, jealous, scared, and confused.

This toolkit includes resources intended to help parents deal with what is almost inevitable – sibling rivalry. Some of these items can be found individually in the HFA Resource Library as well:

  • presentation (past webinars and slides)
  • downloads (articles, blog entries, tools/documents)
  • links to other resources


Stop Sibling Quibbling Webinar Slides_image HFA Families Webinar Recording & Slides: “Stop Sibling Quibbling!:” In this April 2014 HFA Families webinar, presenter Diane Horbacz reviews the social and emotional stages of childhood development, addresses common issues siblings face, and gives tried and true tips for parents on how to deal with children living with a bleeding disorder.View the recording HERE.View the accompanying slides HERE.
 The Invisible Child_image The Invisible Child: Understanding the Experiences of Siblings in the Context of Family Illness: This presentation was originally presented in July 2011 at the Akron Children’s Hospital as part of their monthly Pediatric Palliative Care Curriculum Series.



Special Sibs_image

Special Sibs: This document was created by HFA using information from the “Stop Sibling Quibbling” webinar by presenter Diane Horbacz.  It provides pertinent information on how bleeding disorders affects siblings.
Moms Blog “Infusing Love: A Mom’s View”:  The following are entries from the HFA Mom’s Blog, “Infusing Love” about siblings and bleeding disorders:“Siblings: Unaffected, but Certainly Affected”“Hug O’ War”
SIblings with Special Needs Change Childhood_Image NPR, “Siblings with Special Needs Change Childhood: This is a link to a 30 minute podcast and transcript of a 2012 report about how having a sibling with special needs affects childhood. Podcast includes an interview with Don Meyer, Founder of the The Sibling Support Project.
Siblings of Sick Kids Learn A Life Lesson Early_image NPR, “Siblings of Sick Kids Learn a Life Lesson Early: This is a link to a 4 minute podcast and transcript of a 2010 report detailing how siblings of those with chronic illness develop life lessons that are helpful throughout the life-span.
Hemaware_Cope with Sibling Bleeding Disorder_image National Hemophilia Foundation, Hemaware, “How to Help Children Cope with their Siblings’ Bleeding Disorder:” This is a 2010 article from the National Hemophilia Foundation’s Hemaware publication. 
NICHCY_Sibling Issues_Image NICHY, “Sibling Issues”: Comprehensive article from the National Dissemination Center for Children with Disabilities discussing sibling issues for those with a chronic illness or disability.
HealthyChildren.org_Siblings_image Healthy, “Siblings of Children with Chronic Illness:”  Article from, a website of the American Academy of Pediatrics.



Advance Healthcare Network_siblings_image

Advance Healthcare Network,  “The Impact of Chronic Illness on Siblings:” This is an article intended for Nurse Practitioners, but offers good parenting strategies and discusses the impact of chronic conditions on siblings.
Sibling Support Project_image Sibling Support Project: The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the life-long concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns.
USA Today_siblings_image USA Today, “Book gives siblings of ill kids some much-needed attention:” Brief 2008 article from USA Today about a book detailing the feelings of siblings of someone with a chronic disorder or disease. 
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