Dear Addy,

I saw a post on HFA’s Facebook page about a Virtual Hill Day on June 12. Can you tell me more about this and how people outside of D.C. can be involved?


Virtual Visitor

Dear Visitor,

Every year, HFA hosts a fly-in for members of the bleeding disorders community to come to D.C. and advocate for access to meaningful health care on Capitol Hill. HFA’s Virtual Hill Day occurs in conjunction with the fly-in and allows anyone to participate, even if you aren’t in D.C.! On July 12, take a few minutes while you are going about your day and use HFA’s Take Action Center, talking points, website, and social media to participate.

  • Call or email your legislators to share information on bleeding disorders and how they affect you. Include an example of why you need meaningful health care. Education is an essential part of advocacy!
  • HFA will be tweeting throughout the day. Retweet or post your own message and tag your Senators and Representatives.
  • Share HFA’s posts on Facebook and Instagram. Add a personal message so your followers know why quality, affordable healthcare is important to you and how they can help.
  • Have you recently had a problem with your health insurance? Participate in Project CALLS!
  • You can also help HFA’s advocacy efforts by sharing your story with Community Chronicles.
  • Use HFA’s Legislative Day Toolkit for information and tips on talking to your legislator.
  • Tell HFA how you participated in the Virtual Hill Day and you may be featured in an upcoming issue of Dateline!

Remember, you are the expert on your story and on what access to care means to you and your family. Your story could be what makes the difference.



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HFA frequently receives questions from the bleeding disorders community related to advocacy issues. The questions often impact the entire community. In an effort to reach the largest audience possible with our responses to these widely applicable questions, HFA developed “Dear Addy.” Questions submitted to this column are edited in order to protect privacy and should be considered educational only, not individual guidance

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