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State Revenues in Freefall

The 2010 fiscal year continue to provide lawmakers with reason to reach for the budget ax. As such, a whole host of state access and treatment programs remain very much on the chopping block.  Throughout the recession state revenue collections have consistently underperformed expectations. The decline has been steep and unrelenting. Even pessimistic forecasts have […]

Update-House health care reform action this weekend

“High risk pools and reinsurance will take care of people with pre-existing conditions,” according to Marsha Blackburn, a four-term Congresswoman from Tennessee.  A 219-page amendment, referred to as the GOP Healthcare Reform bill will be introduced and offered as an amendment tomorrow on the House floor during a controversial vote that will begin Saturday morning.  […]

HFA Poster Abstract recognized at NHF Research Posters Reception

Kudos to Axel Freese, Online Coordinator and Michelle Burg, Program Director who both lead HFA’s Blood Brotherhood Program across the country!  Their hard work and the work of 8 local Blood Brotherhood sites was recognized at the NHF’s Research Poster Reception on October 30, 2009 during the Annual Conference.  The poster abstract highlights the impact […]

Unemployment and the bleeding disorders community

At 10.2 percent last month, the unemployment rate in the United States is the highest since 1983.    The unemployment rate for people with disabilities was reported at 16.2 percent in September 2009.  Loss of a job can impede access to health care and treatment thereby having a negative impact on someone with a bleeding […]

Unintended Consequences

In politics, we often hear people talk about unintended consequences. In fixing one problem, we sometimes lay the seeds of the next one. Consider what has happened in Maine. This past spring, the Maine Legislature passed a bill addressing drug marketing practices to minors. The measure, passed with lots of fanfare from consumer protection advocates […]

Health Care Reform Update

Congress continues to work towards a “fix” to the broken health care system.  In a statement today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer has indicated that every effort will be made to complete reform by December 18, 2009.  The House is currently working to merge the three bills into one complete bill.  Earlier this week, Speaker […]

Pictures of the Forbes' Family and President Obama

In an earlier blog and HFA Press Release, the Forbes’ family meeting with President Obama was highlighted.  Please see the pictures below of their meeting with the President.                                     

Aloha means Health Access

When somebody mentions Hawaii… visions of white sand beaches and volcanoes come to mind. What doesn’t come to mind is Hawaii’s healthcare services. Off the radar screen, the state has quietly assembled healthcare institutions that seem to be delivering Hawaiians good care at a reasonable price. People on the mainland are starting to notice. This […]

Derick Stace-Naughton

Derick Stace-Naughton, a young man with von Willebrand’s Disease, started the group “Students for the Awareness of Bleeding Disorders.”  Derick wants YOU to urge your member of congress to co-sponsor H.Con Res.147.  H.Con.Res.147 promotes screening for vWD.

HFA’s 2010 State Legislative Agenda

HFA is proud to release its 2010 State Legislative Agenda. This list has been compiled after consultation with members of the Federation’s Advocacy and Executive Committees. Our intention is to create a central clearinghouse for legislative proposals which we believe are of interest to segments of the bleeding disorders community. The policy clearinghouse features a […]

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