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2010 State Legislative Preview: CONNECTICUT

CT TO CONVENE SPECIAL PANEL ON BLEEDING DISORDERS Much depends on the outcome of the special legislative study group on Bleeding Disorders.  The study group is expected to consider issues confronting people with bleeding disorders across the lifecycle.  Co-chaired by State Representatives Karen Jarmoc and Matthew Conway the panel is expected to begin meeting in […]

2010 State Legislative Preview: MAINE

MARKETING RULES, 2010 ELECTION DOT ME’S COMING TERM The most important development in Maine is the departure of Jude Walsh, Governor Balducci’s special assistant for Healthcare Finance to Gould Associates. Walsh was the Governor’s point person for facilitating cost containment amongst chronic conditions. Balducci’s days are numbered literally. Term limited in 2010, it is unclear […]

And last but not least…a Senate Finance Committee Health Care Reform document

The long awaited, Chairman’s mark from the Senate Finance Committee has finally been released.  The 223-page document, entitled America’s Healthy Future Act of 2009, underscores the lower costs, quality and affordable health coverage it will provide individuals and families.  Chairman Max Baucus declares “the Finance Committee carefully worked through the details of health care reform […]

Will annual premiums average a whopping $30,803 in 2019?

Drew E. Altman, Ph.D., President and Chief Executive Officer at the Kaiser Family Foundation highlighted the potential cost of premiums in 2019 in a recent “Pulling It Together” update.  Assuming that premium increases over the next ten years revert to the average of the last ten years, 8.7%, he asserts that premiums for a family […]

Comparative Effectiveness Research (CER) highlighted on the HFA Advocacy Page

CER has been a priority issue for the HFA.  The necessity to cut costs led Congress to address CER in the health care reform debate (although CER is not a “new” issue).  Our commitment to education and awareness prompted the need for a document that outlines a definition and summary of CER.   This document has […]

H.R. 3200, Health care reform legislation is in audio format

We Read…You Listen…We ALL Decide!  This is the mission statement from a group dedicated to creating audio versions of the lengthy health care reform bills in Congress.  Over 80 dedicated volunteers, many of them voice over actors, spent hours recording H.R. 3200.  The goal of is to ensure everyone has an opportunity to familiarize […]

HFA wants YOU to share your VOICE!

Jim Dawdy and Alex Ell are highlighted in a video, HFA recently posted on the website’s homepage.  Their message:  Share your story!  Jim and Alex highlight the importance of visiting Congress, discussing the issues (lifetime caps), and their love for summer camps that support the bleeding disorders community across the country.  HFA appreciates the hard work […]

Medical Privacy 101

Over 4 million businesses, employers, government agencies, insurance companies, billing firms, and all their business associates that may include pharmacy benefits managers, and pharmaceutical companies as well as marketing firms and data miners.  Patient consent is no longer required to share health records, no matter how embarrassing or intensely personal the contents may be.  While […]

The long view…

Every so often it is important to take stock of where you are, where you have been and where you are going in politics. The national debate around healthcare reform has garnered a majority of the TV time and column inches in the newspaper. Events happening in DC right now are critical. Regardless of the […]

Mr. Wilkes goes to Washington

Nathan Wilkes, bleeding disorders community member,  has been invited to be a guest and sit in President Obama’s box during the Joint Session address.  Click here to read more.  To watch the Joint Session online tune into C-SPAN. The Wilkes’ story was featured on the White House website.  Their story illustrates the struggles families with expensive, rare […]

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