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Dear Addy: Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)

Dear Addy, I am a small business owner with fewer than 25 employees and I have a child with hemophilia. The private insurance I provide my employees has gotten very expensive. I don’t know if I can afford it any more. Can you let me know what options I have? I don’t want to stop […]

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Dear Addy: Lifetime Caps vs. Annual Caps

                Dear Addy, I know “Obamacare” eliminated lifetime caps on January 1, 2014, but are there still annual caps on healthcare costs? Capped-Out __________________________________ Dear Capped-Out, Happily the answer is no, as of January 1, 2014. Actually, it was on September 23, 2010, that the Affordable Care Act […]

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Dear Addy: Individual Mandate

Dear Addy, My daughter with von Willebrand disease has health insurance but I don’t have health insurance for myself. What will happen if I decide not to purchase any? Coverage Unsure ____________________________ Dear Unsure, The deadline to purchase insurance without facing a penalty is March 31, 2014. Because of the individual mandate under the Affordable […]

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Dear Addy: Washington Days

                Dear Addy, I am going to NHF’s Washington Days and I have an opportunity to speak with my Congress person about hemophilia issues. I am worried I don’t know enough and that my Congress person will not take me seriously. How do I prepare for this meeting? […]

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Dear Addy: Marketplace Deadlines

Dear Readers, Thank you for all the questions you have asked since the launch of Dear Addy in July of this year. Please keep them coming! HFA wants you to be able to make informed decisions about your health and the health of your family. To close out the year, I want to follow-up on […]

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Dear Addy: Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

Dear Addy, I have a young child with substantial medical costs. For the past couple of years I have spent 20-40% of my income on medical bills. Unfortunately my income is “too high” for Medicaid. I live in Texas and I currently have PCIP (pre-existing condition insurance plan) insurance which ends this month. What do […]

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Dear Addy: Open Enrollment

Dear Addy, It is open health insurance enrollment time for my company. Do I still have to worry about qualifying for coverage because I have a pre-existing condition? Open Enrollment Jitters in Minnesota ___________________________ Dear Jitters, The cold in Minnesota should make you shake more than the issue of pre-existing conditions in 2014. Starting in […]

High-Cost ‘Specialty Tier’ Prescription Drugs Under Scrutiny in PA

If you have hemophilia, multiple sclerosis or any number of other hard-to-treat diseases, the cost of your medications alone could reach into six figures, depending on your insurance coverage. “It’s roughly $15,000 a month, and from that I’m lucky to have good insurance so we have good co-pay structure, co-insurance,” said Nick Vizzoca, whose 13-year-old […]

Are You Prepared for the Healthcare Insurance Marketplace?

The countdown to the launch of the new online Health Insurance Marketplace is on. Are you ready? If you, like many Americans, have questions about what the Marketplace is and what it does, there are excellent resources available to help answer these questions. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions: “The Marketplace” The […]

HFA Joins Over 900 Organizations In Support of Marketplaces

Health and Human Services (HHS) Secretary Kathleen Sebelius today recognized more than 900 Champions for Coverage nationwide. These organizations and businesses have volunteered to help Americans without affordable insurance learn more and get coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace, which opens for business tomorrow and will give consumers a whole new way to shop and […]

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