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Dear Addy: Private Exchange

  Dear Addy, I have health insurance through my employer. Next year my employer is giving me a lump sum each month to pay for health insurance on a “private exchange.” What does that mean? Signed, Month-to-Month _________________________ Dear Month, Private exchanges are online marketplaces that allow employers to offer their employees a range of […]

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Dear Addy: Marketplace Enrollment

Dear Addy, I am self-employed and need health insurance. When can I enroll in the Marketplace plans and when will this coverage start? ~Self-Employed  _____________________ Dear Self-Employed, You can apply for health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace when open enrollment starts on October 1, 2013. Coverage under Marketplace plans starts as soon as January […]

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Dear Addy: Individual Mandate

Dear Addy, I just turned 27 and have lots of debt. Instead of purchasing health insurance, I would rather use the money I make to pay down what I owe. I have mild hemophilia and I have not had a bleed in a year. Do I still need to have health insurance under the new […]

Physician Payment Sunshine Act Sheds Light on Payments Made to Doctors

A little-discussed provision of the Affordable Care Act is making physicians, hospitals and manufacturers in the health care industry reconsider how they do business.  The Physician Payment Sunshine Act requires certain drug, medical device and biological manufacturers to disclose to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) any payments or other transfers of value to physicians […]

Sneak Peek at Premiums in the Health Insurance Marketplaces

A recent Avalere Health study offers individuals and employers a sneak peek at what the cost of premiums will be once open enrollment for the health insurance marketplaces begins on October 1, 2013.  Avalere Healthused data from the rate filings released by 12 states, including Ohio, New York, and Indiana, to conclude that the marketplaces were producing competitive […]

Study Finds H.R. 460 Will Have Negligible Impact on Insurance Premiums

Washington, DC – A bill to protect access to medically necessary treatments for patients with chronic, disabling, and life-threatening conditions would not significantly increase medical insurance premiums according to a study released today by the Coalition for Accessible Treatments. The Coalition, composed of professional medical associations and patient organizations, commissioned the study, which was conducted […]

Health Insurance Options in 2014

In a recent post, we discussed the insurance mandate itself.  That is, the requirement that most people have health insurance beginning in 2014 or face a financial penalty.  We also briefly mentioned the insurance options that will be available to you in order to fulfill this requirement.  They are— Have employer-sponsored insurance Be covered by […]

Out of Pocket Maximums and the 2014 Transition Year

Beginning in 2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) will set maximum limits on how much consumers can be required to pay out-of-pocket annually for their health care.  Under the law, the maximum amount a consumer with single coverage will pay out-of-pocket will generally be $6,350, while a family could pay up to $12,700. In 2015, […]

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Dear Addy: Deductible

Dear Addy, My health insurance premiums were $500/month, so I switched insurance plans during my company’s open enrollment period last year. Now I only pay $140/month. I have been very excited to have some extra cash each month but this has come at a big price. I need surgery on my injured leg, but can’t […]

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