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Transitions: The Effects of Health Care Reform on Alex Ell

Twenty-three year old Alex Ell was diagnosed with hemophilia at birth.  Hemophilia is a rare genetic bleeding disorder that results in excessive bleeding, occurring spontaneously or as a result of an injury.  Bleeding episodes cause pain and damage to joints, muscles and organs. These episodes are treated with an intravenous infusion of blood clotting products to replace the missing […]

Reid Coleman, A Committed Advocate

Reid talks about growing up with hemophilia and the importance of education, self advocacy and social media advocacy.

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Bleeding Disorders in the News

Our voice is being heard!  The media is helping us share our story.  Check out our community members who were featured in the news!

HFA President, Brayshaw Host President Obama in Backyard

Washington, DC:  President Barack Obama held a backyard discussion on healthcare reform at the home of Hemophilia Federation of America’s President, Mr. Paul Brayshaw.  Paul, an individual with Hemophilia is a resident of Falls Church, VA. He opened the forum with a statement regarding the positive impact of the Affordable Care Act as it relates to individuals […]

My Camp Family

Rocky believes that having hemophilia has provided him with many opportunities and credits his camp family for showing him the right path.

Growing Up Different

Jim, Gio, and Tim talk about their life as young boys with hemophilia.

Roger the Cactus Farmer

Roger, a 67 year old with hemophilia is full of wisdom and life experiences.

Raising a Family with Hemophilia

Chuck and Vicki talk about their family life with hemophilia.

College Student Shares His Story

Christian Rodriguez, an HFA  advocacy intensive participant is an inspiration to the bleeding disorders community.  Christian has made it his mission to improve the lives of himself and the people in his community by sharing his story.  The goal of the intensives program is to inspire participants to take an active, grassroots approach to effecting […]

Fifth Generation Blood Brother

John Reed inspires with his positive outlook on his life with hemophilia.  John decided early on that he was not going to let hemophilia control his life, he was going to take control and live his life.

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