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Developing Autonomy vs. Relying on Others

The transition from childhood to adulthood can be full of exciting opportunities to have new experiences and shape one’s own unique individuality. However, adulthood can also come with its own set of challenges, including decreased reliance on parents and taking important steps to reach personal life goals. For young adults living with bleeding disorders, additional […]

Community News: Blood Vibrations

              Community members Billy Conde Goldman and Matt Tache of Portland, Oregon recently launched Blood Vibrations, an ongoing project gathering music created by people in the bleeding disorders community. The goal of the project is to provide a forum for creativity, expression and sharing. Anyone with a bleeding disorder […]


CHOICE: Improving HFA Services for the Community

To all of you who have taken the time to participate in the CHOICE (Community Having Opportunity to Influence Care Equity) Project by taking the survey, thank you. For those who have yet to take the survey, please do (call 800-230-9797 or go to CHOICE is about the bleeding disorders community and working with […]


Inhibitors Will Not Inhibit Our Family

I’m sitting and watching my son Blake play catch in the park with a friend. He runs for the ball and trips on a rock and lands in the dirt. I stay seated…and it’s really hard. I remind myself that we are in a different place now, but it’s still very hard. A year ago, […]

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Mom: On my Nerves, But Always Has my Back

One of the ways I’ve learned the most about raising a child with hemophilia is by talking with our community’s “Blood Brothers,” the guys who have grown up and moved away from home, whether they be in college or have grandchildren of their own.  These men are able to give it to me straight about […]


Hepatitis C: Our History and Advances on the Horizon

Recognizing National Hepatitis Awareness Month The month of May is recognized to bring awareness around those living with viral hepatitis. The awareness effort encourages people to get tested for hepatitis and to evaluate treatment options. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 3.2 million people in the U.S. with chronic […]

Andy Matthews: Training Ground

Growing up with hemophilia, Andy Matthews was lucky enough to live across the street from a hematologist. The doctor told his parents the best thing they could do for Andy was give him cryoprecipitate treatments at home. Cryoprecipitate was an early version of today’s factor treatments, using human plasma to treat clotting disorders. Andy was […]

Martin Addie: An Advocator

I grew up in Wisconsin the sixth of 2 girls and 5 boys, and moved with my parents and younger brother to Houston, Missouri  in 1978 after graduating high school. My younger brother, myself and an adult nephew have severe hemophilia and my sisters are carriers. My wife Janeen celebrated our 30th anniversary in June […]

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Gears For Good, Paul Brayshaw

HFA President Paul Brayshaw participated in the Gears For Good Bikeride 2011.  We interviewed him during the ride, check out what he has to say about growing up with severe hemophilia and staying active.

Step by Step Infusion, Produced by: Nicholas Reiser & Leland Smith

Nicholas Reiser explains the process of infusing himself with clotting factor. Nicholas Reiser and Leland Smith were both a part of HFA’s Young Leaders program at Symposium and are now a part of HFA’s Media Task Force.

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