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Advocacy Issues, Andy Mathews

Andy Matthews discusses advocacy issues that he feels are important.

Given a Gift, Andy Matthews

Growing up with hemophilia is not always easy for Andy, but his positive attitude has always gotten him through the tough times. Andy looks at the life he has been given as a gift!

Full Fledged Boy, Terry Lamb

Having hemophilia doesn’t mean you or your child must live a sedentary life, cut off from all opportunities for fitness. Just ask Terry Lamb of Virgina, who is 59 years old and lifts weights six days a week. On his day off, he swims. When Terry was born, there was no such thing as prophylaxis […]

A Situation, Mark Antell

Just a few decades ago, hemophilia did not just mean you had a bleeding disorder. It also meant that you were at high risk of being infected with blood-borne illnesses. Mark Antell knows this well. He received Hepatitis C through a blood transfusion sometime in the 60s or 70s. And the AIDS crisis of the […]

Terry Lamb

Terry talks about growing up with hemophilia and how staying active has helped him live a wonderful life!

Living With Hepatitis C

Mark Antell talks candidly about his hemophilia and hepatitis C.

John Jarratt In Action

John Jarratt speaks to a group about growing up with hemophilia. This is a longer piece, so grab a cup of coffee and we promise you will gain some perspective from John’s wisdom!

The Importance of Comprehensive Care

Watch this video to understand why comprehensive care is vital for people in the hemophilia community to live a long, healthy life. You will hear from individuals who have directly been impacted by comprehensive care and an individual who works in one of the centers and has seen first hand the success of comprehensive care.

Martin Addie: Advancements In Treatment

Martin shares how the advancements in treatment for his severe hemophilia has affected his life. Martin went from missing 100 days of school his freshman year of high school to only missing  8 days his sophomore year because hemophilia medication was made available to use at home and he no longer had to go to […]

The Man and His Music: John Jarratt

John Jarratt is 63 years young! His positive attitude is contagious!

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