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Dear Addy: Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan

Dear Addy, I have a young child with substantial medical costs. For the past couple of years I have spent 20-40% of my income on medical bills. Unfortunately my income is “too high” for Medicaid. I live in Texas and I currently have PCIP (pre-existing condition insurance plan) insurance which ends this month. What do […]

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Dear Addy: Open Enrollment

Dear Addy, It is open health insurance enrollment time for my company. Do I still have to worry about qualifying for coverage because I have a pre-existing condition? Open Enrollment Jitters in Minnesota ___________________________ Dear Jitters, The cold in Minnesota should make you shake more than the issue of pre-existing conditions in 2014. Starting in […]

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Dear Addy: Co-Pay

Dear Addy, I thought I had a good health insurance. I made sure the deductible was affordable and the monthly premium was within my budget. Unfortunately the co-pay for my medication is causing financial hardship. One dose of my medication arrives in four separate boxes and I have to pay separate $20 co-pays for EACH […]

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Dear Addy: Private Exchange

  Dear Addy, I have health insurance through my employer. Next year my employer is giving me a lump sum each month to pay for health insurance on a “private exchange.” What does that mean? Signed, Month-to-Month _________________________ Dear Month, Private exchanges are online marketplaces that allow employers to offer their employees a range of […]

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Dear Addy: Marketplace Enrollment

Dear Addy, I am self-employed and need health insurance. When can I enroll in the Marketplace plans and when will this coverage start? ~Self-Employed  _____________________ Dear Self-Employed, You can apply for health insurance on the Health Insurance Marketplace when open enrollment starts on October 1, 2013. Coverage under Marketplace plans starts as soon as January […]

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Dear Addy: Individual Mandate

Dear Addy, I just turned 27 and have lots of debt. Instead of purchasing health insurance, I would rather use the money I make to pay down what I owe. I have mild hemophilia and I have not had a bleed in a year. Do I still need to have health insurance under the new […]

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Dear Addy: Essential Health Benefits

Dear Addy, I am worried that my employer will stop offering health insurance to save money and send me to the Marketplace to get coverage. Is this true and, if so, should I be worried about finding good coverage? Signed, Worried & Seeking Truth ________________________ Dear Worried, The answer to your first question is maybe, […]


Dear Addy: Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Dear Addy, I am confused about whether the Health Care Marketplace is right for me and my family. We have insurance through my work but it is not clear if I have to use the Marketplace to get coverage starting next year. Who is supposed to use the Marketplace? Signed, Confused-by-Options ___________________________ Dear Confused, The […]

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Dear Addy: Deductible

Dear Addy, My health insurance premiums were $500/month, so I switched insurance plans during my company’s open enrollment period last year. Now I only pay $140/month. I have been very excited to have some extra cash each month but this has come at a big price. I need surgery on my injured leg, but can’t […]

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Dear Addy: Marketplace

Dear Addy, I work for a small business. Health insurance through my company for my family costs $1,000 a month. At the end of the year the monthly premium will jump to $1,300 a month and we can’t afford to pay that much. On top of this, for emergency care and hospitalizations we have to […]

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