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Healthy Eating Tip #5: Learn more about nutrition

Find resources and tools to encourage healthy eating and activity behaviors for children, parents, and caregivers.

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Healthy Eating Tip #4: Track your intake

Recording what you eat increases your awareness of your intake.

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Healthy Eating Tip #3: Read nutrition labels

If there are 100 calories per serving, the food is considered to be MODERATE in calories.

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Healthy Eating Tip #2: Shop wisely

control portions and caloric intake by purchasing single-serving packages

‘Herculean’ achievement cracks HIV puzzle By Faye Flam INQUIRER STAFF WRITER AIDS researchers announced Thursday that they’d finally cracked a long-standing puzzle: Why a few people can get infected with the AIDS virus and remain healthy without treatment? It was the culmination of a 16-year effort that started with one HIV-positive minister coming into the office of AIDS researcher […]

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Healthy Eating Tip #1: Plan Your Meals

Can’t get a to a grocery store on a weekly basis, stock up on canned and frozen items and large containers of dry items to reduce the number of trips to the grocery.

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How much from each food group should I eat?

If there are 40 calories per serving, the food item is considered to be LOW in calories.


What is a Healthy Diet?

Shopping at farmers markets, roadside stands, and supermarkets rather than convenience stores can also cut costs.

Healthy food in the Refrigerator

Benefits of Nutrition

Healthy nutrients can help you build strong muscle.

Valeant, Kadmon sign deals on hepatitis C drugs

Link to article Mon Nov 1, 2010 11:01am EDT TORONTO (Reuters) – Canada’s Valeant Pharmaceuticals International (VRX.TO: Quote) and U.S. company Kadmon Pharmaceuticals said on Monday they have signed two deals to partner on hepatitis C drugs as Valeant moves to end development of antiviral drugs but seeks to bolster its offering of already commercialized […]

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