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Staying Fit Together

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services shares some tips on how to stay active when the winter weather makes it unsafe to be outdoors. Take a look! HHS HealthBeat (January 29, 2013) Staying fit together When the weather outside is frightful, being active ain’t so delightful. It just takes motivation. Stay active with a […]


Slow Cooker Beef Stew

It can be hard to stay on track with diet and exercise when the temperatures plummet. It is a good idea to have a plan in place for indoor activities like climbing the stairs, chair yoga, or an exercise video. Keeping the refrigerator stocked with lean proteins, and nutrient dense vegetables will help with clean […]

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Taking the First Steps: Nutrition

For most of us the resolution is the same: Lose weight and get in shape.  However the path to accomplishing these goals might look totally different for each of us.  The most important thing is taking the first steps.  Starting with small changes will help you to see progress.  This in turn, will keep you […]


Determined to Become a “Runner”

It is important for individuals with bleeding disorders to participate in some form of physical activity.  Being physically active helps to strengthen one’s muscles, bones and joints.  Having a strong healthy body can be a reduction in the number of bleeding episodes an individual might experience.  Many in the bleeding disorders community are championing the […]

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My Journey: Determined to Heal

For women carrying the hemophilia gene, getting a proper diagnosis is not easy. By definition, if a woman has clotting factor levels less than 50%, she has mild hemophilia. Many women report that medical professionals are still under the assumption that a bleeding disorder can only affect males. It is these challenges that can make […]

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Healthful Holiday Recipes

When doing your holiday meal planning, don’t forget to keep it healthy by adding lots of fresh fruits and vegetables.  Remember the goal is to make at least half of your plate fruits and vegetables.  Preparing your own food (as opposed to prepackaged, or processed foods) and being able to control what is in them will help keep your meals healthier.  […]

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VIDEO: Putting A Face to Martial Arts

When considering a physical activity for themselves or their family members with a bleeding disorder, many people overlook the possibility of martial arts.  It is a sport that can be considered for its many benefits beyond building muscle tone, flexibility and general health.  Some of the biggest benefits that come from practicing any of the […]

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Deciding to Chase the Dream

It is important for individuals with a bleeding disorder to find a form of physical activity that they enjoy. When muscles are used during exercise it helps to  keep them flexible and strong.  Physical activity also helps individuals to maintain a healthy weight which keeps less stress off the joints, and has even proven to […]

eat healthy day

Today is National Eating Healthy Day

Proper nutrition, combined with safe and effective exercise, is especially important to maintain good health in people with hemophilia. HFA’s FitFactor Program , offers services designed to improve health, fitness, and quality of life through regular physical activity and proper nutrition. It is so important to get the essential nutrients we need and even more important in an […]

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Six Ways to Be Safe and Healthy This Halloween

This guide was put together by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and is a great addition to our recent FitFactor post on watching how much sugar is in your food. We hope that you and your family stay safe this Halloween. Don’t let your health get tricked this Halloween! Here are a few ways to stay […]

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