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Deciding to Chase the Dream

It is important for individuals with a bleeding disorder to find a form of physical activity that they enjoy. When muscles are used during exercise it helps to  keep them flexible and strong.  Physical activity also helps individuals to maintain a healthy weight which keeps less stress off the joints, and has even proven to […]

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Mens Health Magazine: Vaughn Ripley

[glossary_exclude]Earlier this year we encouraged the bleeding disorders community to vote for Vaughn Ripley, fitness guru living with hemophilia and HIV, during a Men’s Health cover contest. Due to your support, Vaughn received nearly 30,000 votes, earning him the below article in the November edition of the magazine! This article helps to bring awareness and education about […]

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Walking is the Superfood of Fitness

Running and walking are generally considered safe activities for individuals with a bleeding disorder.  They are frequently recommended because they don’t take a lot of time or cost a lot of money, but can make a big difference in how you feel and in your overall health. The following article from Reuters discusses how walking is the natural movement of […]


Gears for Good: Your Chance to Make a Difference!

There is still time to make a difference! The Gears for Good bike ride is this weekend, September 26-28th, 2014. FitFactor encourages physical activity in individuals with bleeding disorders.  HFA provides an opportunity for those who are physically active to benefit the bleeding disorders community in our annual charity bike ride-Gears for Good.  You don’t […]

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Never Let What You Can’t Do Define You

Exercise has always been pretty important for hemophiliacs, especially severe hemophiliacs like my brother and I. My parents felt that living an active life would go a long way toward fulfilling that goal. However, exercise is a series of trade-offs. Growing up I was told to, “exercise those muscles, in a less impactful way that […]


Bicycle Safety for Kids-Video

Riding a bicycle is  a great way to have fun, exercise and stay healthy.  Whether your child is just learning to ride or has been on a bicycle for years, it is always important to encourage him or her to ride safely.  Teaching children how to stay safe on a bike when they are young can create safety habits they […]


HFA’s FitFactor Swimming Pool Safety-Video

Summer is finally here!  As the kids head off to their summer activities it is important to keep safety measures in mind.  This FitFactor swimming video segment shows how pools can be a great place for kids (and adults), especially those with hemophilia or other bleeding disorders to play, how water can help protect vulnerable joints, and […]

Video: Taking Control of Your Health

Many individuals with bleeding disorders are finding better health by being physically active.  Matthew Stinger is one such individual.  Matthew, who has hemophilia, has benefited from swimming & biking and one way he gives back to others within the bleeding disorders community is by participating in HFA’s annual Gears for Good bike ride. Learn about Matthew […]

Gears for Good 2012

Join the Gears for Good Ride!

On September 27-29, 2013, 28 riders from across the country rode 156-miles from West Virginia to Washington, DC to raise awareness and over $51,000 for the bleeding disorders community! This year HFA has added a second ride to increase ridership and raise even more awareness and funds for the hemophilia community. The additional and shorter […]

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Share Your Successes

While there is no “special” diet per say for people with bleeding disorders, it is especially important for those affected to pay attention to what they eat.  Not only is a diet rich in lean protein, fruits and vegetables helpful in maintaining a proper weight, it also provides natural sources of many vitamins, minerals and […]

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