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How a Liver Transplant Changed My Life

One of the most important things you can do for your health is to have a proper diet. What you put into your body affects how you look and feel. Maintaining a healthy weight is especially important for individuals with a bleeding disorder. Being at a healthy weight can reduce the number of bleeding episodes you experience, […]

Positive Life: Barry Haarde Road Tripping Again

(Positive Life): Bob Leahy: Barry. You’re off on another trip. Tell us about this one. Barry Haarde: This year’s ride is the shortest but fastest ride of the three and departs from L.A. on Easter Sunday and rolls all the way to Savannah, GA, which amounts to about 2,900 miles over a period of 27 days, […]

FF Karate Pic 5 Anthony P

The Benefits of Martial Arts

When considering a physical activity for themselves or their family members with a bleeding disorder, many people overlook the possibility of martial arts. Martial arts can be defined as any of the traditional forms of Oriental self-defense or combat that utilize physical skill and coordination without weapons, such as karate, aikido, judo, or Kung Fu, […]

Pedal with a Purpose

All In for Gears for Good!!

The purpose of HFA’s FitFactor program is to provide the bleeding disorders community with services that are designed to improve health, fitness, and quality of life through regular physical activity and proper nutrition. Each year, in an effort to promote physical activity in the community and raise money for individuals and families in the bleeding […]

jule nia dance

Nia: A Workout with Spirit

by Jule Aguirre, M.Ed., LPC, NCC, Nia Black Belt Somatic Educator & Trainer Over the last several months, we have explored Nia Technique as a movement and life practice that conditions the body, amplifying cardiovascular conditioning, building strength, flexibility, mobility, stability, and agility for optimal health and wellness at ALL ages and fitness levels!  We […]

Forbes 4 boys in pool

A Therapeutic Revolution is Underway

By Ogden M. Forbes, Ed.D. and Jane Forbes, R.N. Swimming is fun! No doubt about it.  Did you know that because water provides relief from impact on our joints while still providing resistance to our muscles it is a great place for people who have hemophilia to build stronger bodies?  It’s true and for many […]

FitFactor boy with weights

Get in Gear in the New Year!!

The time is now!  The New Year is upon us and it is time to take charge of your health! It is so important for individuals with bleeding disorders to keep their joints and bodies healthy in order to reduce the number of bleeds and to reduce the risk of developing other diseases and illnesses.  […]

Gears for Good 2012

Gears for Good 2013 (video)

In September, 28 riders biked 156 miles and raised over $51,000 for the bleeding disorders community during our  annual charity bike ride. Check out this NEW video to meet the riders, hear what motivated them to do this, learn where all the funds raised went, and information about how you can get involved next year!  […]

Nia 12-6-13

Nia: Taking Your Fitness to the Next Level

You may be moving in your fitness program….but are you “Being Moved”?  Taking your fitness to the next level requires you to bring more of YOU to the experience!  While most exercise programs have you pushing your body with more reps, more resistance, more speed, more duration…being a purely physical experience, you are left feeling […]


Four Exercises You Can Do Without Equipment

No gym, no equipment, NO excuses! There are many ways to stay physically active without making an investment in a gym or purchasing expensive equipment. Below are four (4) ways to help you get moving without spending a dollar. 1. Pushups Pushups are one of the best exercises to strengthen the arm muscles without using […]

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