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loving kindness meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation (Audio & Video)

There are many benefits of meditation. If you practice this guided meditation regularly it can help you stay positive towards yourself and others. It can also help to keep you calm in difficult situations and reduce irritation and anger. Kindness is an antidote for anger and irritation.


5 Tips for Flat Abs

It is the New Year, and most of us probably overindulge in some amazing eats during the holidays. As a result, our waistline increased a few inches. Or your belly fat may be hanging over your pants since Jan 2012L. Don’t worry here are 5 Tips to help you flatten that jelly belly. Tip #1 […]


Are you Getting in Gear?

HFA Celebrates Success with Get in Gear Fitness App Over 7,400 people have downloaded the app   In June, Hemophilia Foundation of America (HFA) launched a free mobile fitness app to encourage people in thebleeding disorder community and community at large, to become more physically active and improve their overall health and wellness.  The Get […]


Adult Safety on a Bicycle – Video

Cycling is considered a safe, non-contact activity for those with hemophilia. Cycling is a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance, lose weight, and increase muscle tone. It is also good for the environment; riding a bike instead of driving reduces pollution and makes the air easier to breathe. Although cycling can be fun, adults need […]


Fun fall fitness activities

Fall brings about many changes; the leaves change color, the temperature gets cooler, and the days get shorter.  It is a great time to get outdoors and add some physical activities into your daily routine. Get the whole family involved, be creative and make it fun!  There are lots of ways to get physical activity […]


Keeping Your Child Safe on a Bicycle – Video

Cycling is a fun and popular activity among kids. With more children becoming overweight, encouraging your child to be more active and ride their bike can help lead them to a healthier lifestyle. This video will share a few tips to help you keep your child safe on a bicycle.

Introduction to Bicycle Safety

Introduction to Bicycle Safety – Video

Bicycling is very often recommended as a safe type of exercise for people who have hemophilia. We encourage bicycling as an alternative mode of transportation to a motor vehicle and as a great form of exercise. Please check with your physician or physical therapist before cycling. This video will share a few basics tips on […]


Aquatic Exercise – Swim Video

This video will review the benefits of aquatics exercise, and how adults with hemophilia can stay healthy and safe. Since water provides relief from impact on our joints while still providing resistance to our muscles it is a great place for people who have hemophilia to build stronger bodies. This video segment will show you […]


Lap Swimming Safety Tips – Swim Video

This swimming video will review the benefits, pros and cons for swimming laps, and how children and adults with hemophilia can stay healthy and safe in the pool. It will introduce you to lap swimming as a form or exercise and competition that may suit us well.  People with hemophilia, especially those who have experienced […]

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Introduction to Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a practice originating from Chinese martial arts and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves a series of slow, meditative body movements that were originally designed for self-defense and to promote inner peace and calm. Yang, wu, and tai chi chih are three of the most popular styles of tai chi. The yang style […]

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