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FitFactor: Swimming: A Safe and Efficient Workout

Swimming is often recommended as an ideal form of exercise for people with bleeding disorders for a few different reasons. To begin with, swimming allows one to strengthen their muscles in a way that doesn’t put weight on the joints, and therefore reduces the likelihood of bleed due to impact or pressure. It also enables […]


Aquatic Exercise – Swim Video

This video will review the benefits of aquatics exercise, and how adults with hemophilia can stay healthy and safe. Since water provides relief from impact on our joints while still providing resistance to our muscles it is a great place for people who have hemophilia to build stronger bodies. This video segment will show you […]


Lap Swimming Safety Tips – Swim Video

This swimming video will review the benefits, pros and cons for swimming laps, and how children and adults with hemophilia can stay healthy and safe in the pool. It will introduce you to lap swimming as a form or exercise and competition that may suit us well.  People with hemophilia, especially those who have experienced […]


Swimming Safety Tips for Parents – Swim Video

This swimming video segment will show how pools can be a great place for kids to play, how water can help protect vulnerable joints, and it will provide some safety tips for using swimming pools. A swimming pool can be a sort of anti-gravity chamber, the buoyancy of the water decreases the amount of impact […]

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