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Study Finds H.R. 460 Will Have Negligible Impact on Insurance Premiums

Washington, DC – A bill to protect access to medically necessary treatments for patients with chronic, disabling, and life-threatening conditions would not significantly increase medical insurance premiums according to a study released today by the Coalition for Accessible Treatments. The Coalition, composed of professional medical associations and patient organizations, commissioned the study, which was conducted […]

We’re All In This Together

 By Sonji Wilkes I never could have imagined that hearing the words, “Thomas has severe hemophilia,” would equate to being thrust into a world of inspirational people and unexpected acts of kindness.  When Thomas was diagnosed and the doctor asked, “Do you have a good insurance plan?” my mind immediately focused on the challenges we […]

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Dear Addy: Essential Health Benefits

Dear Addy, I am worried that my employer will stop offering health insurance to save money and send me to the Marketplace to get coverage. Is this true and, if so, should I be worried about finding good coverage? Signed, Worried & Seeking Truth ________________________ Dear Worried, The answer to your first question is maybe, […]

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Nia Technique: Working IN by Working OUT

If you have been hanging out with HFA’s FitFactor  for very long, by now you know their motto, “healthy bodies bleed less”… and it’s TRUE! Doctors specializing in bleeding disorders stress that consistent exercise can prevent or reduce bleeding by strengthening muscles and vulnerable joints for hemophiliacs of all ages.  In fact, whether you have […]

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A Long Hospital Stay

We are all in this Together… “Thank you to all that make the Helping Hands program possible. Thank you for helping our family.” My youngest son has severe hemophilia A. He bleeds internally very frequently and lives in a lot of pain.  He misses 5-7 days of school each month because of his constant bleeds, […]

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Mom: On my Nerves, But Always Has my Back

One of the ways I’ve learned the most about raising a child with hemophilia is by talking with our community’s “Blood Brothers,” the guys who have grown up and moved away from home, whether they be in college or have grandchildren of their own.  These men are able to give it to me straight about […]

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Running/Walking – Finding Success (video)

  The mental aspect of running is half the battle. This final video in the series will inspire you to set realistic goals, and determine the best approach to incorporating running or walking into your weekly/daily wellness routine.  So get on board, set short and long-term goals, and feel good about getting fit!!  FitFactor is here to […]

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The ABC’s of Hemophilia

By Jen Loving My son, Jackson, will enter kindergarten this fall. Some parents are happy for this new journey and some are dreading it; either they aren’t ready for their child to grow up or their child has a chronic illness and they are fearful of the unknown. I’m a mix of all of the […]


Dear Addy: Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Dear Addy, I am confused about whether the Health Care Marketplace is right for me and my family. We have insurance through my work but it is not clear if I have to use the Marketplace to get coverage starting next year. Who is supposed to use the Marketplace? Signed, Confused-by-Options ___________________________ Dear Confused, The […]

College Student

College Check List

A student going away to college is an exciting time, but can also be scary and unsettling if he/she has a bleeding disorder. Whether living in a college dorm room or on an off campus apartment, a student will need some basic items to stay healthy. We have provided a short list of essentials to […]

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