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Fitfactor runwalk video

Running/Walking – Finding Success (video)

  The mental aspect of running is half the battle. This final video in the series will inspire you to set realistic goals, and determine the best approach to incorporating running or walking into your weekly/daily wellness routine.  So get on board, set short and long-term goals, and feel good about getting fit!!  FitFactor is here to […]

Jackson's 4 year PK picture 2013

The ABC’s of Hemophilia

By Jen Loving My son, Jackson, will enter kindergarten this fall. Some parents are happy for this new journey and some are dreading it; either they aren’t ready for their child to grow up or their child has a chronic illness and they are fearful of the unknown. I’m a mix of all of the […]


Dear Addy: Employer-Sponsored Insurance

Dear Addy, I am confused about whether the Health Care Marketplace is right for me and my family. We have insurance through my work but it is not clear if I have to use the Marketplace to get coverage starting next year. Who is supposed to use the Marketplace? Signed, Confused-by-Options ___________________________ Dear Confused, The […]

College Student

College Check List

A student going away to college is an exciting time, but can also be scary and unsettling if he/she has a bleeding disorder. Whether living in a college dorm room or on an off campus apartment, a student will need some basic items to stay healthy. We have provided a short list of essentials to […]

FitFactor stretching

Running/Walking – Stretching (video)

Along with having proper form, stretching and building core strength are other ways to remain injury free while running and walking. The movements shared in this fourth video of our running and walking series, highlights a variety of movements to do before and after your run/walk. These postures will also help you build strength and […]


Hepatitis C: Our History and Advances on the Horizon

Recognizing National Hepatitis Awareness Month The month of May is recognized to bring awareness around those living with viral hepatitis. The awareness effort encourages people to get tested for hepatitis and to evaluate treatment options. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), an estimated 3.2 million people in the U.S. with chronic […]

Mom's Blog_Cazandra

Infusing Love: Chocolate and Vanilla: Two Brothers…So Different

One thing I’ve learned is that right when I think I’ve got hemophilia all figured out, something comes along that blows my perception and understanding right out of the water.  I’ve learned that you never know when your experience will ring true with someone else and make them feel less alone.  That is one of […]

Dear Addy Banner

Dear Addy: Deductible

Dear Addy, My health insurance premiums were $500/month, so I switched insurance plans during my company’s open enrollment period last year. Now I only pay $140/month. I have been very excited to have some extra cash each month but this has come at a big price. I need surgery on my injured leg, but can’t […]

FitFactor run walk video 3

Running/Walking – Form (video)

Having proper form is crucial for all who decide to run or walk as a method of exercise, however, it is extremely important for those with a bleeding disorder.  Learning the proper form will help protect your joints and reduce the number of bleeds. In this third video of our running/walking series, we introduce you […]

Dateline Article_All Together

Come On In, the Water is Fine

At Symposium, I wore the same socks for two days in a row, I stayed up four hours past my normal bedtime every night, and I finally realized that I needed to brush my teeth at exactly 7:21 am on Friday… I was like a young child at Symposium: so completely engrossed in everything going […]

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