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Fifth Generation Blood Brother

John Reed inspires with his positive outlook on his life with hemophilia.  John decided early on that he was not going to let hemophilia control his life, he was going to take control and live his life.

Communicating With Your State Legislator

Mark created a Hemophilia Task Force group in Connecticut.  This group had state legislators, national non-profit advocates, patients, and hemophilia doctors working together to ensure people with bleeding disorders in CT receive the best care possible.  What are you waiting for?! YOU can make a difference in your state too!

Close-Up Wedding

Through Thick and Thin

Mark and Sasha give us a peek into their lives as a couple dealing with Hemophilia, HIV and hepatitis C.  They discuss the importance of community and the value of support from people who understand.

Barry, A True Blood Brother

Barry has hemophilia, HIV, and hepatitis C.  He discusses the realities of being diagnosed HIV positive as a teenager and the many challenges he has faced throughout his life.  Barry hopes by sharing his story he will empower others to share theirs.


The Long Mile by Barry Haarde Download Barry’s Story There was only one more hill to climb as I rounded the corner that brought the finish line into view. I had ridden my bicycle 175 miles since lining up at the starting point back in Houston the day before. After more than 10 hours on […]

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Assisting and Advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Community