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Step by Step Infusion, Produced by: Nicholas Reiser & Leland Smith

Nicholas Reiser explains the process of infusing himself with clotting factor. Nicholas Reiser and Leland Smith were both a part of HFA’s Young Leaders program at Symposium and are now a part of HFA’s Media Task Force.

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Family Focused

Kelly Champagne talks about the painful accusations that lead to her son being diagnosed with severe hemophilia. At the time her son Micah was diagnosed she could not see light at the end of the tunnel but has now learned to manage his disorder.

Martin Addie: Advancements In Treatment

Martin shares how the advancements in treatment for his severe hemophilia has affected his life. Martin went from missing 100 days of school his freshman year of high school to only missingĀ  8 days his sophomore year because hemophilia medication was made available to use at home and he no longer had to go to […]

The Man and His Music: John Jarratt

John Jarratt is 63 years young! His positive attitude is contagious!


Symposium 2011

Highlights from Symposium 2011 in Louisville, KY

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Symposium 2010

Thanks for coming to HFA’s Symposium in Kansas City, MO! Hope you had a great time and we will see you next year!

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