Young Invincibles Healthy Adulting Toolkit

Use this guide from Young Invincibles to learn the basics of health insurance, including how it works and important terms.

HFA’s Turning 26 Infographic:

HFA created the following infographic as a tool for walking through the different decision points in finding meaningful health insurance.

Project C.A.L.L.S.

If you are experiencing issues with your health insurance company, relating to your bleeding disorder, contact HFA’s Project CALLS today!

Project C.A.L.L.S.

HFA’s Young Adult Podcast Series

In addition to insurance tools, HFA offers education about the benefits of self-care and exercise for young adults. HFA’s Fitfactor podcast series was created to inspire a lifetime of healthy choices and habits! Our 2017 series includes:

2016 podcast series:

All podcast episodes are also available or on iTunes and Google Play, search “HFA”.

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