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Dads In Action

Dad's in Action


Parenting is no easy task, and you can’t always fall back on your own childhood experiences for guidance. Fathers today face challenges that our own parents never could have imagined. This is where Dads in Action comes in, serving as a community sounding board both for fathers with bleeding disorders, and for fathers of children with hemophilia, von Willebrand disease, and other bleeding disorders, to connect and share similar experiences to help them play a more positive role in their children's lives. Dads in Action has so much to offer! Dads in Action

  • Local and National Events- Meet other dads in the bleeding disorders community for fun and educational events!
  • Webinars- Participate in educational and relevant presentations without ever leaving your home.
  • Community Voices - Read powerful and inspirational stories from other dads in the community.
  • Resources- HFA has a wide range of tools in our resource library to assist in your parenting needs.

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When you enroll in Dads in Action, you will not only receive the latest updates from HFA, but you'll also get a great Dads in Action Welcome Kit, containing: dads_book

  • Our one-of-a-kind, limited edition book, Dads in Action:Stories from the Bleeding Disorders Community
  • A Dads in Action Nike baseball hat,
  • A cell phone charging station,
  • A seat belt medical info strap, and
  • Valuable educational materials on the challenges of fatherhood.


Hear what dads across the country are saying:

“Other Dads have given me the encouragement and support to try things I never imagined I could do.”

“Thank you for helping me meet new families, and for bringing mine closer together.”

“As a new dad, the stories in the Dads in Action book made me realize that raising a son with hemophilia would be a challenge, but a challenge that I'm prepared to take on. My son will be just fine.”

Dads in Action

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