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Annual Symposium

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We understand that bleeding disorders are not a one size fits all medical condition. Dealing with or caring for a loved one with a bleeding disorder is a lifelong journey requiring diligence and flexibility in handling the challenges along the way.

Each year, Symposium offers community members the opportunity to learn and grow personally and collectively in becoming strong self-advocates! Symposium is the largest patient and community-focused annual educational event that draws members from the bleeding disorders community together to share information, learn new advancements, and build a network of support!

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Our 2016 Symposium, Together We Are Resilient, brought about 1,300 members of the bleeding disorders community from around the country together in Las Vegas, NV! This meeting was our biggest yet and would not have been possible without support from all of our sponsors.

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Symposium 2017: Providence, RI

We are thrilled that next year's will be in Providence on April 6-9, 2017! This Symposium will be the first time we have ever held a national meeting in New England! Providence's Mayor Jorge Elorza recorded this video to help announce this exciting news!

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Over the next couple of months we will be posting pictures, video, and testimonials from this year's Symposium.

What Participants Say About Symposium:

Symposium 2014_kids“HFA Symposium gave us the chance to discuss topics in depth with knowledgeable speakers and participants with shared experiences.”

“Symposium brings together community in a mentoring, fellowship, interactive place and this is a very good idea.”

“Knowing about other families' life experience and learning to solve problems and advocate for ourselves.”

“At Symposium, we learned that one family, one person can make a difference. People are listening–we all have something to say.”

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Assisting and Advocating for the Bleeding Disorders Community