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PRIDE Project


HFA has PRIDE! HFA has been approved for a $250,000 funding award through the Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Awards program, an initiative of the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). The funds will support the Patient-centered Research for Innovation, Development, and Education (PRIDE) Project via training and education of bleeding disorder community stakeholders in patient centered outcomes research (PCOR) and comparative effectiveness research (CER). The PRIDE Project is runs through March 2019. PRIDE Project training will result in capable and confident lifelong PCOR and CER participants who have a positive impact on those with bleeding disorders.

The project will use a blended learning method, which includes in-person trainings, online education, and print resources, to train bleeding disorders community stakeholders in PCOR and CER. The PRIDE Project will provide knowledge, tools, and connections to facilitate discussions and planning among researchers and stakeholders for future PCOR and CER initiatives. HFA PCOR and CER training focuses on four (4) key areas.

  1. What is PCOR and CER?
  2. Why are PCOR and CER important to patients, caregivers, healthcare providers, and other stakeholders?
  3. How do I become a knowledgeable participant in PCOR and CER?
  4. How do I use PCOR and CER results to improve health outcomes?

We expect training in these four areas will result in educated and informed community stakeholders able to determine on which research areas they should focus to achieve the most beneficial and relevant results to improve health outcomes of the bleeding disorders community.

PRIDE Project Webinars

You can participate in PRIDE training in several ways. Below is a list of webinars and soon we will have training modules online.

Title Date Audience Available Online
What are PCOR & CER? May 31, 2017 All

Watch webinar!

How do I participate in PCOR & CER as a Community Member? September 20, 2017 Patients and Caregivers

Watch webinar!

How do I participate as a healthcare provider, researcher, or other stakeholders? November 2017 Healthcare providers and other bleeding disorder stakeholders

To be posted

How do patients and caregivers use PCOR and CER results to improve health outcomes? January 2018 Patients and Caregivers

To be posted

How do healthcare providers, researchers, or other stakeholders use PCOR and CER results to improve health outcomes? March 2018 Healthcare providers and other bleeding disorder stakeholders

To be posted

What’s the Next Step? May 2018 All

To be posted

Final Event @ Symposium 2019: Live Broadcasts March 2019 All

To be posted

Each webinar also will be a learning module on the forthcoming HFA Neighborhood. Look for PRIDE Project training articles in our Dateline newsletter and at your local events.

If you would like to receive more information on the PRIDE Project along with webinar dates, links to online learning modules, and up-to-date information, please complete the contact form below.

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