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Back to School Toolkit

Back To School

Sending your child with a bleeding disorder to school can be an overwhelming experience. Below are tools intended to help you educate the educators and relieve some stress and worry.

  • presentations (recorded webinars, customizable PowerPoints for your use, and slides from past presentations/webinars)
  • downloads (articles, customizable tools/documents)
  • links to other resources


CustomizableHemoPPT_IMAGE Hemophilia & The Student: This example is a customizable PowerPoint presentation for parents or guardians to use at an in-service meeting to educate school personnel about your child(s) bleeding disorder. 
VWDCustomizablePPT_IMAGE von Willebrand Disease (vWD) & The Student: This example is a customizable PowerPoint presentation for parents or guardians to use at an in-service meeting to educate school personnel about your child(s) bleeding disorder.
Setting the Stage for Success in School - slides Setting the Stage for Success in School: This document includes the slides from a Dads In Action webinar from August 2011.
 Hemophilia & School Success August 2013 Webinar graphic Hemophilia and School Success: Navigating the System – Webinar: This is a recorded presentation and its slides from an August 2013 Dads In Action webinar.



HFA’s Dateline Article: Your Child’s School & You”: The following article appeared in HFA's “Dateline” publication in the Fall 2011 edition. Includes a summary of the federal laws that help children with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders in the school setting.
Back to School Hemaware article NHF’s Hemaware Article: “Back to School”: The following article appeared in the National Hemophilia Foundation's “Hemaware” publication in the July/August 2006 edition. Includes a sample 504 plan.
StudentsWithBleedingDisorders_IMAGE Starting the Discussion with School Staff – A Guide to Students with Bleeding Disorders: This guide is meant as a starting point for discussions with school staff about how to best address the unique healthcare needs of students who have a bleeding disorder. 
customizable IHP graphic Customizable Individual Health Plan (IHP): This document is a customizable example of an IHP; check with your Hemophilia Treatment Center (HTC) or school to see if they have a template they use. 
Real Life Elementary School 504 ExampleReal Life High School 504 Example graphic Real Life 504 Examples:
High SchoolThese samples are from families within the bleeding disorders community and all identifying information has been removed. The first example is from an elementary school-aged child; the second example is from a high school-aged student, who has a history of an inhibitor and his medical needs and accommodations were more extensive and may not be necessarily for all children with a bleeding disorder. 
MyBleedingDisorders_IMAGE My Bleeding Disorder – Customizable Document for Classroom Teachers & Coaches: While IHP, IEP and 504 plans can be very useful in ensuring a safe educational experience for a child with a bleeding disorder, those files are generally kept in the front office or nurse's clinic in the school building. What about documentation to be kept IN the classroom? This document is a handy two page document that provides the basics about bleeding disorders and is specific to your child. Experienced parents have given this form to their child's classroom teacher so that it's readily available to the teacher and to any substitute teachers the child may have in the course of a school year. It's also a great tool to give to coaches, scout leaders – anyone who has contact with your child.
Sample504_IMAGE Sample Section 504 Accommodation Plan: If you are thinking of requesting a section 504 plan for your child, you may want to see what a sample plan looks like. This document is only a sample; parents and guardians are encouraged to check with your local school district to see if they have a template they require for use.


Does My Child Need a 504 or IEP? A Flowchart to Help You Navigate: This handy flowchart comes from the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development's Special Education Handbook.
CHES_Reasonable Accommodations Examples of Reasonable Accommodations for 504 and Individual Education Plans (IEP): This document from Comprehensive Health Education Services includes a list of reasonable accommodations for parents and guardians can consider asking for. The accommodations listed are in no means comprehensive and not every child will require each of the items. Parens should work with your school to determine what is best for your your child and what the school is capable of providing.


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