1st Person with Hemophilia Reaches Mt. Rainier Summit to Raise Money for Inner-city Youth and International Bleeding Disorder Assistance Jeff Salantai

News Release
Cincinnati, Ohio (November 9, 2009) –   On August 5, 2009, two BioRx employees, Jeff Salantai and Eric Hill, began hiking to the summit of Mt. Rainier.  They successfully reached the 14,410-foot summit on August 6.   Hill says, “We hoped to reach one of the largest peaks in the U.S., and we achieved that goal, which is a great accomplishment.  But more importantly, we believe Jeff is the first person with hemophilia to summit this mountain.”
Salantai, who is the BioRx Account Manager for Texas, New Mexico, and Oklahoma, has severe Hemophilia A and had to infuse factor on the side of the mountain.  He attempted to climb Mt. Rainier two years ago, without achieving the summit.  He challenged Hill, one of the co-founders of BioRx, to accompany him on his second attempt.
This was not an easy climb by any means.  It is a technical three-day hike and ice climb at high altitude.  The climb is very demanding physically, with less than 40% of those who attempt the hike actually reaching the Summit.  Hill and Salantai began training in January for the August 5th event.
Their hike was part of a national fundraiser called Summit For Someone to benefit at-risk inner city youth who do not have the privilege of experiencing life outside the city.  In addition, all proceeds exceeding the $8,000 for Summit For Someone were donated to “Save One Life,” which provides financial support to children and young adults with bleeding disorders in developing countries who do not have the means to acquire their much needed treatments.
BioRx has developed a summary of the Mt. Rainier climb, including photos and fitness/training details, as well as a presentation titled “Reaching New Heights” about fitness and exercise with a bleeding disorder.  If you would like a copy of the summary or presentation, please contact Jeff Salantai by phone at 512-680-6231 or email: jsalantai@biorx.net.
About BioRx
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