Update-House health care reform action this weekend

“High risk pools and reinsurance will take care of people with pre-existing conditions,” according to Marsha Blackburn, a four-term Congresswoman from Tennessee.  A 219-page amendment, referred to as the GOP Healthcare Reform bill will be introduced and offered as an amendment tomorrow on the House floor during a controversial vote that will begin Saturday morning.  […]

HFA Poster Abstract recognized at NHF Research Posters Reception

Kudos to Axel Freese, Online Coordinator and Michelle Burg, Program Director who both lead HFA’s Blood Brotherhood Program across the country!  Their hard work and the work of 8 local Blood Brotherhood sites was recognized at the NHF’s Research Poster Reception on October 30, 2009 during the Annual Conference.  The poster abstract highlights the impact […]

Unemployment and the bleeding disorders community

At 10.2 percent last month, the unemployment rate in the United States is the highest since 1983.    The unemployment rate for people with disabilities was reported at 16.2 percent in September 2009.  Loss of a job can impede access to health care and treatment thereby having a negative impact on someone with a bleeding […]