Painting a Picture in the States: State Legislative Action in 2010

By Kim Bernstein and Michelle PascucciState legislative sessions will end quicker than they began, however the bleeding disorder community has been instrumental and supportive of a number of bills being introduced around the country. Bleeding disorder community members are actively advocating for legislation that directly impacts the community. Advocates are supporting affordable, quality care and […]

State-by-State: Benefits of Health Care Reform

The Democratic Policy Committee (DPC), chaired by Senator Byron Dorgan has created a state- by-state analysis of the impact of health care reform on each individual state.  The DPC has several web pages dedicated to health care reform including section-by-section summaries, reports and bulletins.  To read the state-by-state analysis, please visit the DPC website:DPC State-By-StateDPC […]

HFA's New Blog Section: Provision of the Day

In an effort to educate the bleeding disorders community, the HFA will blog about sections within the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, Public Law 111-148 and the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010, Public Law 111-152.  The blog section will be called “Provision of the Day” and will highlight (by section), what […]