1974: Blood Banks Begin to Screen Out Infected Blood

Title: Blood Banks To Test for Hepatitis  By: David M. Cleary Date: November 15, 1974Source: The Philadelphia BulletinThe chance that a recipient of a bleed transfusion will be infected with hepatitis has been sharply reduced over the past 10 years, thanks to improved methods of detecting hepatitis virus in blood supplied by donors.In the American Red Cross Blood Center at […]

1970s: Living with Hemophilia

Title: Doctor Claims 95% Accuracy in New Test for HemophiliaBy: Unknown Date: 1973Source: Associate Press A researcher says a new method has been developed that offers a 95% chance of spotting female carriers of hemophilia (bleeding disorders) as compared with only 25% accuracy with present ways.Hemophilia is a hereditary blood malady that strikes only men but is transmitted by women. It […]