Infusing Love: Every Person You Meet Is A Chance to Change the World

I love awareness months. I look at each one as an opportunity to educate myself about other conditions, causes, and to be a voice about something that affects you or a loved one personal. I like to share what our family deals with, not for sympathy, but in the hope to raise awareness.March is not […]

1990s: Painful Questions and Heartbreaking Answers

Hemophilia Foundation Chief Knew Of Aids Risk In 1984By: Donna ShawDate: November 3, 1994Source: The Philadelphia Inquirer Blood-clotting drugs so improved his life that their possible contamination with the AIDS virus in the early 1980s was “an irrelevancy,” according to Donald S. Goldman, a former president and board chairman of the National Hemophilia Foundation. In a recent deposition, […]

1994- First Issue of Dateline Federation Published

Note: This is a transcribed copy of the first issue of our quarterly newsletter, Dateline Federation. A scanned .pdf of the issue is located here. New Kid on the Block The Hemophilia Federation Takes its Place in the Community Many, many times over the past eighteen months, we have been asked the proverbial question – just […]

Early 1990s: Living with Hemophilia

A secretary to Aledort, who left the foundation’s employ in late 1983 and stayed on for a time as an unpaid adviser, said he was unavailable for comment.As The Inquirer reported last week, at least 10,000 of the nation’s 20,000 hemophiliacs contracted the AIDS virus from clotting medicines in the early 1980s. Today they are […]

1992- American Hemophilia/HIV Peer Association

ACTION NOW! American H/HIV Peer Association Volume 1, Number 1                                                                                           […]