2006: A Legacy of Tainted Blood

Title: A Legacy of Tainted BloodBy: Steve SternbergDate: July 11, 2006Source: USA Today Like many young men, Joshua Lunior is searching for his dream girl. He knows she won’t be easy to find, because Lunior, 24, comes with some challenging baggage. He belongs to an all-but-forgotten generation of 10,000 people with hemophilia who contracted the AIDS virus, […]

2000s: Living with a Bleeding Disorder

 In the early 2000’s, the divide in the hemophilia community between the HIV/AIDS-era families, post-heat treated, and recombinant factor using families slowly begins to heal. The community sees a resurgence in families coming together through camps, local, and national meetings. The term “hemophilia” begins to be replaced by the term “bleeding disorders” to acknowledge all bleeding conditions.Treatment […]