Bioverativ Enters Joint Project With UK-Based Bicycle Therapeutics

 Bioverativ and a UK-based biotech company called Bicycle Therapeutics will work together to try to identify new therapies for hemophilia and also sickle cell disease.  The research will focus on using a new approach – called Bicycles – which the companies hope will lead to a new way to treat the blood disorders.Read the full […]

ACTION ALERT: Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson Bill

Your access to healthcare is at risk. The Senate is currently considering another bill to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), sponsored by Sens. Cassidy and Graham. Congress only has until September 30th to act on this measure. We must work together to defeat this bill.Why should you take action? The Graham-Cassidy legislation would harm our […]

Dear Addy: Teaching Independence

Dear Addy,I have two preteen kids with bleeding disorders and I want to instill in them independence with respect to their care. Do you have any advice on ways to build this into our routine?Signed,Introducing Independence Dear Independence,This is a great question to be asking now, as transitioning to independence is a process. Consider incorporating […]