2nd FitFactor Raffle Winner Announced!

And the winners are…………………

Lori Long & Bryant Holderried from New Mexico!!!!
Lori & Bryant are the latest winners of the FitFactor Super Grain quarterly raffle drawing. Lori submitted the winning photo of her husband Bryant shortly after learning about Super Grains at Symposium 2012. Bryant is featured with his own version of a Quinoa salad. His recipe includes quinoa, cucumbers, red onions, red bell peppers, sautéed spinach, dried figs (or dates), toasted walnuts, chopped parsley, and feta cheese crumbles. He mixes in a vinaigrette dressing which is 3 parts olive oil to one part red wine vinegar, with a little Dijon mustard to hold the salad together.  Bryant states, “We eat quinoa pretty frequently in our family because my wife has a gluten intolerance, and quinoa (unlike many other grains) is gluten free.”
Submit a photo of you and your prepared Super Grain dish and you will be entered to win a prize package of natural and organic foods from United Natural Foods, Inc. valued at over $250!! The final entry deadline is December 1, 2012. A random drawing will take place to choose the winner.
Email your entry photos to: programs@hemophiliafed.org
Presented by HFA’s FitFactor in partnership with United Natural Foods, Inc.
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