Special President and CEO Announcement

Dear Bleeding Disorders Community –
I want to let you know that I will be stepping down from HFA as your President and CEO at the end of August.
Leaving HFA has been an incredibly difficult decision I have been wrestling with for about a year.  I love HFA but ultimately this is just the best time for my family and I to make a change.
It has been an honor and privilege leading HFA over the last 11 years. We have accomplished a lot together. Over the years, I truly believe we have made a difference for our community at HFA. We have grown and delivered on our promise to assist, educate and advocate for thousands of our families.
My leaving won’t change what HFA is and how HFA does what it does, and it sure doesn’t change why we do what we do!
HFA is a trusted resource. We exist to exclusively represent you, our national community, our families. We help build advocates. HFA believes everyone should have a voice. Everyone matters.
To our Blood Brothers, it has been an honor. You’ve taught me so much, inspired me with your perseverance and yes, challenged me often!  HFA will never forget our history. We value and understand the importance of supporting our adult men who have faced unimaginable challenges.
To our Blood Sisters, bit by bit, we have and continue to champion being recognized as the women with bleeding disorders we are. Our gender cannot be a barrier to being appropriately diagnosed as mild, moderate, or severe based on our factor levels. We need to continue this fight but I do believe women’s voices are beginning to be heard.
To our families, you are what originally called me to HFA. My Ben was 6 and Jonnie 4 when I started at HFA. I just wanted things to be better for my Benny and others with bleeding disorders like him. He’ll be a high school senior this fall and I thank you for being with me the whole way!
HFA is filled with staff and board who are talented and passionate. We have worked for years to be sure continuity and talent is in place and I am very confident that things will be just fine. You can trust them as you have trusted me.
Please also remember your job in this community. Be involved. It is both your right and your responsibility. We all have an important role to play. We are advocates. There is a lot at stake that we could lose if we do not work together to champion what we need to ensure we and our children have the best quality of life possible.
The board of directors has already started working to find the next leader of HFA and I have full faith in their ability to do so. With my departure, our Vice President of Advancement Sharon Meyers will serve as the interim President and CEO.
This community is all about resilience. We can do anything together. As I transition from being your CEO in the coming weeks, know that this is not my goodbye, this is just my become a part of us in a different way. I will always love and care about HFA and the bleeding disorders community.
Thank you,