Hemophilia Federation of America (HFA) exists to assist and advocate for those living with a bleeding disorder. 聽 Achieving this mission is accomplished in many ways, including delivering quality programs collaboratively through HFA Member Organizations.

Member Organization Partner plan and request sessions of HFA Partner Programming each year via the Member Organization Annual Renewal Agreement.

The chart below outlines expectations for delivering HFA Program Partner sessions at local Member Organizations. A pdf can also be found here:聽Program Partner Agreement.pdf

Agreement Area HFA Agrees Program Partner Agrees
Understand the Community Needs Outreach with Partner Sites to discuss community needs and where HFA can help support missing programming gaps. Analyze the needs of the Partner organization and identify where HFA Partner Programs may support, determine how many session Partner will deliver in the calendar year (maximum 12) and select program areas.
Successful Delivery Partner Program Sessions Identify and outline the purpose and objectives of each HFA program area with all Partner Sites and provide regular coaching of successful HFA program session delivery with all Partner Sites Deliver agreed upon specific number of sessions in English or Spanish from one or more of HFA Partner Programs, Research and Advocacy areas.
Align to Core Curriculum Provide an ongoing assortment of topics and presentations identified as important education for community members.

Actively engage in ongoing community insight via surveys, focus groups, etc.

Provide support to Partner Sites in identifying and securing topic, speaker, and overall session format.

Provide HFA Partner Program sessions with required components that include:

An educational component. Delivered by a HFA and Partner approved credentialed professional facilitator.

A wellness component. Suggestions include:
Health/Wellness educational presentation
Imbed physical activity that includes exercise such as walking, hiking, swimming, yoga, etc.
Distribution and discussion of HFA Wellness print materials (available on Member Org Portal)
Peer Support 鈥渞ap鈥 session on healthy behaviors (includes HFA pre-approved facilitator)

A social component. Allow time within the activity for peer support and networking.

Utilize Supplemental / Support Materials Provide online and print materials that supplement educational sessions. Distribute and discuss online and printed HFA educational materials, actively when appropriate. Examples include: promotion of Project CALLS, reference to HFA online toolkits and website resources, use of HFA鈥檚 mobile apps (Get in Gear Wellness and Blood Sisterhood women鈥檚 app).
Coordinate Unified Communication and Messaging Provide easy to implement materials for use in building a collaborative partnership format to programs delivered at Member Organizations. Promote Partner and HFA brands by including HFA program logos on Program Partner session invitations, flyers and promotional materials.
Provide Necessary Staffing and Reporting Provide trained and accessible staff to support Partner Sites in planning sessions throughout the year. HFA Staff will reach out regularly to dialog, problem solve and offer resources. Designate a staff member/volunteer to execute local Partner programs sessions. The staff member/volunteer will be responsible for the coordination and execution of local Partner Program(s) with their HFA staff liaison.

Duties include organizing local Partner Program(s) sessions, enrolling program participants, budgeting for sessions, facilitating program evaluation, and distributing Partner Program(s) materials and resources.

Designated staff member/volunteer will provide regular communication regarding session details (via email, phone, or Member Organization Portal) to HFA.

Planning of sessions (including date, location, session times, estimated # attendees, will be communicated at least 6-8 weeks prior to session date in order for HFA to support coordination efforts and confirm budget availability.

Submit the Programs Session Report within 30 days of session date, along with copies of itemized receipts, evaluations, and program enrollments in order to receive reimbursement.

Recognition of Charitable Support As a charitable organization, HFA receives donations from a variety of sources. This includes industry support. As part of the charitable agreement for Platinum level donors, HFA has agreed to coordinate session invitations. HFA will notify its Member Organizations annually of who these Platinum sponsors are by specific program area. Partner agrees to notify and extend an invitation to those Platinum Sponsors鈥 local industry representative to attend sessions at least 2 weeks in advance of the session. Industry attendance is not mandatory.

Individual member organizations own policy may dictate how and when this action is appropriate for their organization.

Note: Industry representatives may be asked to leave during Peer Support or discussions of a sensitive or confidential nature at Partner鈥檚 discretion.

Evaluation and Measurement Provide evaluation methods (e.g. surveys, focus groups) to Partner Sites in order to measure programming effectiveness. Support efforts to evaluate and measure programming effectiveness. This includes areas such as inviting participants to participate in focus groups, surveys and completing session evaluations. Partner will submit copies of session evaluations with the Program Session Reports.
Funding for Program Partner Sessions Reimburse up to $1,500 per session to cover session expenses. For events featuring multiple sessions, Member Organizations will work with HFA staff prior to event to determine total reimbursement amount factoring in total number of attendees and total number of sessions. The Member Organization will be paid within 30 days of received report pending approval. HFA will also provide a speaker stipend for credentialed subject expert for specified topics and speaker travel as necessary. (This requires HFA prior approval.) Submit the session reporting and reimbursement request within 30 days of the session. These must be submitted as one package (report, evaluations, itemized receipts, and enrollment forms).
Funding for Program Administrative Support Partners will be eligible to receive Administrative Support monies intended to help cover administrative costs related to running HFA Partner Program sessions, including but not limited to: operational expenses, member organization staff salaries, administrative overhead costs, and promotional costs.

Note: 2017 Administrative Support monies will be distributed in mid-October 2017 and include programs held from January 1, 2017 – September 29, 2017 (based on CDC grant cycle).

Administrative Support monies will be provided for each successful Partner Program session conducted that meets the following:

Successful delivery of sessions requested聽in 2017聽HFA Member Organization Renewal Agreement

Minimum session attendance of ten (10) or greater


2017 Request for Programming

HFA has planned and budgeted for approximately 200 sessions of its programming in 2017. This is dependent upon receipt of full program funding from its sponsors and could be modified if necessary.

Program Partner Agreement terms begin on January 1 and continue through December 31 each year.

Member Organization Partner request sessions of HFA Partner Programming via the Member Organization Annual Renewal Agreement.聽 Requests for Face to Face Sessions in either English or Spanish includes the following:

  • Blood Brotherhood
    • Serving adult men with bleeding disorders
  • Blood Sisterhood
    • Serving women with bleeding disorders
  • Families (Moms / Dads / Kids in Action)聽
    • Serving parents, caregivers and children
  • Advocacy Sessions / State Lobby Days聽


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