Are Personal Health Records making the grade? has just released its first Report Card grading various managers of Personal Health Records.
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Additional Information about Personal Health Information can be found at this link for their Personal Health Record Frequently Asked Question page here:
A “PHR” is a Personal Health Record.  PHRs can collect and store official records, labs, tests, and claims data directly deposited by providers.  They can also store other health-related data such as heart rate, glucose levels, medications, allergies, exercise habits, lifestyle, sexual history, personal notes and other data you create.
The term ‘PHR’ implies you control this type of electronic health record – because its ‘personal,’ it’s yours.  But that is simply not true of all PHRs.
How much control do you really have?
Think twice about who you allow to see, use, or control your most sensitive, personal health records, from DNA to prescriptions. Patient Privacy Rights (PPR) did our best to decode PHR privacy policies and spell out what control you have over your information.  PPR makes no recommendations on specific PHRs.  The Report Card is our opinion based on the information available on these companies’ websites.
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