ATHN and The Hemophilia Alliance Announce Memorandum of Understanding

February 6, 2013  — The Hemophilia Alliance and the American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN) are pleased to announce they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding to provide financial assistance to ATHN in support of the ATHN Data Quality Counts program for Hemophilia Treatment Centers (HTCs) across the country. Funding from the Hemophilia Alliance will support the next phase of ATHN Data Quality Counts and a new model to help HTCs without adequate resources continue to collect and maintain quality data in a standardized format.
“We are pleased to support the ATHN Data Quality Counts program to advance complete and accurate data collection,” said Jeffrey L. Blake, Chair Hemophilia Alliance Board of Directors. “Our mission is to provide Hemophilia Treatment Centers with the resources and services they need to sustain the model of comprehensive care for individuals with bleeding and clotting disorders – quality data is a priority for this sustainability.”
Hemophilia Alliance support is made possible as a result of the purchases made by the 55 enrolled members of the Alliance Purchasing Services (APS) program who purchase Factor concentrate products through agreements with the Hemophilia Alliance, their collaborative partner Apexus and Factor manufacturers.
“The Hemophilia Alliance has a vision to reinvest resources earned through the purchasing power of our members back into the HTC community,” said Joe Pugliese, President, The Hemophilia Alliance. “Our agreement with ATHN to support the ATHN Data Quality Counts program is a direct result of this vision and we look forward to helping to further this program’s success.”
“ATHN is grateful to the Hemophilia Alliance for this generous support,” said Diane Aschman, President and CEO of ATHN. “This support will allow ATHN to launch the new ATHN Data Quality Counts and continue to provide the critical funding treatment centers need to maintain secure, accurate data that strengthens our understanding of treatments and care for the patients we serve.”
The new ATHN Data Quality Counts funding cycle begins March 30, 2013. The grant process and application deadline will be announced soon.
About the Hemophilia Alliance
The Hemophilia Alliance provides member Hemophilia Treatment Center with resources and services to sustain the Comprehensive Care Model for individuals with bleeding and clotting or contact The Hemophilia Alliance at
About ATHN
The American Thrombosis and Hemostasis Network (ATHN) is a nonprofit corporation founded in July 2006. ATHN is dedicated to advancing and improving the care of individuals affected by bleeding and blood clotting disorders. ATHN provides stewardship of a secure national database, adherent to all privacy guidelines, used to support clinical outcomes analysis, research, advocacy, and public health reporting in the hemostasis and thrombosis community. To learn more, visit