Dear Addy: In-District Legislative Meetings

Dear Addy, With Congress in recess, how can I continue to participate in legislative advocacy? Signed, Bleeding Disorders Advocate Dear Bleeding Disorders Advocate, Every August, the United States Congress embarks on a recess, temporarily adjourning its legislative business and allowing members to return to their home states and districts. The August recess tradition serves as […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #7

Capitol rooftoop

It feels incredibly surreal to think about the fact that this is my final week at HFA this summer, and that in less than a week I will no longer be exploring D.C. and will instead be back home in San Diego. The past ten weeks here in Washington, D.C. with HFA have been an […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #6

Capitol rooftoop

The fact that I only have two months of interning this summer here in Washington, D.C. has led me to jam-pack my days full in a desperate attempt to make the most of this incredible opportunity. My weekdays always start with me hopping in the shower (shower count: 1) before I quickly cook myself a […]

Dear Addy: Finding Community

Dear Addy, I am the only person I know who has a bleeding disorder. I don’t know any other patients at my HTC, and I live pretty far away from my nearest member organization, so I don’t usually get the chance to attend community events. I want to connect with others in the community, but […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #5

Capitol rooftoop

Last week, HFA held the Young Adult Advocacy Summit, or as we called it in-office, YAAS. Saturday’s evening began with a lovely introduction to all those who were flown in, and Noemy and I were quickly welcomed into the fold of young adults who were either bleeders or siblings of bleeders, just like myself. Being […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #4

Capitol rooftoop

A Day-in-the-Life of an HFA Intern: Greetings from the nation’s capital! As we reach the halfway point of my internship at HFA, I would say that I have found my rhythm in D.C. Although I have been in the district since late April for a previous internship, the way I prepare for a day in […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #3

Capitol rooftoop

No matter how many times I visit Capitol Hill, there is always a larger-than-life sensation I get whenever I see the buildings looming over me. I think it’s the knowledge that these people who know next to nothing about my life experience have my livelihood in their hands. The immense power held by this small […]

Blog: Intern Introspective #2

Capitol rooftoop

Congressional hearings, Hill Days and health webinars, oh my! Four weeks into the HFA internship and I have been able to do each of these along with so much more. Finally, being at this internship means I can continue to pull the thread – if you will – on various healthcare issues that affect the […]

Dear Addy: Financial Assistance

Dear Addy, I am a full-time university student who was recently diagnosed with a bleeding disorder. While I’m relieved I finally have a diagnosis, getting to that point was time-consuming – and expensive! Between doctors’ visits, working part-time, and attending classes, I am still struggling. Does HFA have any resources it can recommend to someone […]