Bayer Initiates Phase III Trial of an Investigational Recombinant Factor VIII

WAYNE, NJ, (July 8, 2013) – Bayer HealthCare today announced the company has started to enroll patients in an international Phase II/III trial to evaluate its investigational compound BAY94-9027 for the treatment of hemophilia A in children. The PROTECT VIII (PROphylaxis in hemophilia A patienTs via directly pEgylated long-aCTing rFVIII) Kids trial is designed to determine the effects of BAY94-9027, a recombinant human factor VIII (rFVIII), when used as prophylaxis, dosed at least once weekly and as on-demand for acute bleeding events.
BAY94-9027 has been designed to extend the circulating half-life of rFVIII through site specific attachment of a polyethylene glycol (PEG) polymer to the light chain of the rFVIII molecule, while preserving its full biologic activity.
“We are happy that prophylaxis with this long-acting compound is now being studied in children younger than twelve years of age to complement our ongoing adult study. We look forward to sharing clinical trial results on BAY94-9027 when they are available,” said Dr. Georg Lemm, Vice President, Global Clinical Development Hematology, Bayer HealthCare.
Bayer is committed to developing treatment solutions that meet the needs of the hemophilia community. Whether through research, support or clinical management, Bayer is dedicated to helping persons with hemophilia and their families.
About the Phase III Study
PROTECT VIII Kids is a multicenter, multinational, non-controlled, open-label trial evaluating the pharmacokinetics, safety and efficacy of BAY 94-9027, used as prophylaxis at 25-60 IU/kg at least 1x/week and as on-demand treatment of bleeding in male children with severe hemophilia A. The study will enroll 50 previously treated patients (PTP) worldwide. Subjects will be males, up to 12 years of age, who have severe hemophilia A (<1% FVIIIc) and a documented history of at least 50 exposure days (ED) with any FVIII product. Outcome measures to be evaluated include pharmacokinetics, annualized bleeding episodes, response of acute bleeding episodes to treatment and adverse events, including inhibitor formation. The total duration of the individual treatment with the study drug is the amount of time required to achieve at least 50 exposure days.
Subjects will also be offered participation in an optional extension study, during which observations will be collected for at least 50 additional exposure days.
About Hemophilia A
Hemophilia A, also known as factor VIII deficiency or classic hemophilia, is a largely inherited bleeding disorder in which one of the proteins needed to form blood clots in the body is missing or reduced. Hemophilia A, the most common type of hemophilia, is caused by deficient or defective blood coagulation proteins, known as factor VIII. Hemophilia A is characterized by prolonged or spontaneous bleeding, especially into the muscles, joints or internal organs.
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