Best of You, Journey to Healthier Joints: Meet Orlando

Meet Orlando Vives | Team Asociación Puertorriqueña de Hemofilia

My name is Orlando Vives and I am a member of the Asociación Puertorriqueña de Hemofilia. When starting out the challenge I honestly thought I would need to step up how much exercise I did in a day, but I was rather surprised to find the amount I did on a regular day was far more than I imagined it would be. My usual day consisted of walking from my apartment to my university campus and back a couple times a day, which I didn’t think would amount too many steps, but turns out it was on average two or three miles of total steps. It got me thinking of all I got done without even noticing so it motivated me to occasionally talk a 20-minute walk or so simply to get in slightly more exercise, and to take longer walks during the weekend in order to match what I did during the weekdays. 
I thankfully didn’t suffer any bleeding during the challenge, despite the increase of time spent walking and making me realize how suited to walking my body had become. Realizing this now I noticed that I should work on my upper body more to be a healthier person.
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