Bioverativ Officially Spins-Off of Biogen’s Hemophilia Business

Note: The following is an edited version of a press release from Bioverativ. Read the press release from Bioverativ in it’s entirety here.
Today, February 1, 2017, Bioverativ launched as an independent, global biotechnology company focused on the discovery, development, and commercialization of innovative therapies for hemophilia and other rare blood disorders. Bioverativ is formed by a spin-off of Biogen’s hemophilia business and will build upon Biogen’s commitment to the blood disorders community and its four decades of innovation and world-class science.

About Bioverativ and Sobi Collaboration 
Bioverativ and Sobi collaborate on the development and commercialization of ELOCTATE, which is marketed as Elocta® in Europe, and ALPROLIX. Bioverativ has final development and commercialization rights in North America and all other regions in the world excluding the Sobi territory, and manufacturing responsibility for ELOCTATE and ALPROLIX. Sobi has final development and commercialization rights in the Sobi territory (essentially Europe, North Africa, Russia and most Middle Eastern markets).