Dear Addy: Year-Round Advocacy

person holding folder in front of Capitol

Dear Addy, I’m interested in getting involved in policy and advocacy work, but am I too late to get involved? When’s the best time of year to advocate? Signed,Too Late to Advocate? Dear Too Late to Advocate, No need to worry – you’re in luck! You’re not too late at all. Advocacy is Year-Round While […]

Dear Addy: SNF Access

person holding folder in front of Capitol

Dear Addy, I am going to have a knee replacement next month and hope that I can get post-operative care in a skilled nursing facility. I’ve heard that Medicare beneficiaries like me haven’t been able to get admitted into skilled nursing facilities. Am I missing something? Signed, It’s Not a Limp, It’s A Swagger […]

Dear Addy: H.R. 5801

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Dear Addy, I’ve been hearing a lot about co-pay accumulator adjuster programs (CAAPs) lately. What are CAAPs, how do I know if my insurance plan has one, and what can I do about them? Signed, Co-pay Confused Dear Co-Pay Confused, Those are great questions. Co-pay accumulator adjuster programs (CAAPs) are becoming increasingly common in […]

Dear Addy: Open Enrollment Options for 2022

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Dear Addy, I know Open Enrollment for 2022 health insurance began on November 1, 2021. As a person with a bleeding disorder, what do I need to know, and how should I go about choosing my options? Signed, Anxious About Insurance Dear Anxious, You are right that Open Enrollment just started and is the […]

Dear Addy: Medicare Open Enrollment for 2022

person holding folder in front of Capitol

Dear Addy, I am a Medicare beneficiary weighing my plan options for 2022. What do I need to know about choosing a plan for the coming year? Medicare Beneficiary Dear Beneficiary, Every year Medicare Open Enrollment runs from October 15 through December 7. This is the time of year when you can decide to stay […]

Dear Addy: Policy Newbie

Dear Addy,I want to become a better bleeding disorder advocate, but with so much going on in healthcare, I’m not sure which areas I should focus my on first. Does HFA have any suggestions on how to narrow my focus?Policy Newbie 

Dear Addy: Eager Employee

Dear Addy:I am a young professional that entered the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. Since I was working from home, I did not have to worry about bleeds keeping me out of the office. As I begin to return to work, I worry about how my bleeding disorder may affect my ability to perform in […]

Dear Addy: Traveling with a Bleeding Disorder

Dear Addy: As Covid becomes better managed, I’m looking to travel as the world opens back up. I’m a student, and I might even be applying to study abroad next spring. Either way I make plans, it’s going to be my first time travelling internationally as an adult; what should I do to prepare myself […]

Dear Addy: Healthcare Costs

Dear Addy,I heard that a new law was passed that may lower my costs for health insurance. How can I learn more?Sincerely,Frugal Fran