Dear Addy: Project CALLS

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Dear Addy,  I recently attended an event and learned about submitting issues with my insurance to HFA’s Project CALLS. I have an insurance issue, however, I still have some questions about how CALLS works and what happens when I submit an issue. Can you explain the process?  Signed,  CALLS Quandary   Dear Quandary,  You are not […]

Dear Addy: Pharmacy Choice

medical supplies

A community member writes in about their struggles with a friend who is pressuring them to switch to the specialty pharmacy that they work for. Addy share tips with writer as how to try to both keep their friendship and their pharmacy.

Dear Addy: Giving Back

Dear Addy, I want to give back this holiday season, but I’m not sure how. Can you recommend ways to be more involved in my community? Signed, Inspired to Serve Dear Inspired, The holiday season is a good time to reflect on giving to a cause or serving those in need. There are many ways […]

Dear Addy: Holiday Self-care

Dear Addy, With the holidays ahead of us, I’m trying to focus on taking care of myself. However, I struggle to do this between family, work, and social obligations. Can you provide some tips on self-care? Signed, Stressing about Self-Care Dear Stressing, Good for you for starting the holiday season off by focusing on yourself! […]

Dear Addy: History of Bleeding Disorders

Dear Addy, My daughter has informed me that most people in her generation don’t know anything about AIDS, Hemophilia, or Ryan White. I find this pretty upsetting. How can we educate the next generation about the history of the bleeding disorders community? Sincerely, Old Enough to Remember Dear Old Enough, This is a great question […]

Dear Addy: Informed Voter

Dear Addy, I’d like to become more informed about candidates’ positions on health reform issues for the next election. Can you recommend resources to find and compare information? Signed, Informed Voter Dear Voter, Health reform will continue to be a critical issue for candidates in the coming years, as it was during the 2020, and […]

Dear Addy: Frantic Freshman

Dear Addy, I am going off to college soon. What is your advice for someone with a bleeding disorder in navigating their freshman year? Signed, Frantic Freshman Dear Frantic Freshman, Congratulations on going to college! This will be a huge next step in your career. As with any major change, it is always important to […]

Dear Addy: Overwhelming Medical Debt

Dear Addy, A friend of mine recently had a dangerous health scare. Luckily, after half a year of treatment they pulled through. The only issue is that they now have a great deal of medical debt accumulated. What advice can I give them and what advice you have for avoiding that situation in the first […]

Dear Addy: Sleepover

Dear Addy, We recently moved and my 8-year-old son with severe hemophilia has made a new friend who has invited him over to a sleepover. I’d like to explain to the other boy’s parents about my son’s hemophilia, but I don’t want to freak them out either. How should I start that conversation? Signed, New […]

Dear Addy: Public Speaking

Dear Addy, I want to participate in a legislative day, but I’m a terrible public speaker. Help! Signed, Shaky Speaker Dear Shaky Speaker, You are not alone! This is a common concern for people, even the most experienced advocates. Here are tips to help you with public speaking during legislative days: Participating in a legislative […]