Over the Rainbow

woman on beach with rainbow

“3, 2, 1,” counting down, I held my breath and flipped the test over. There they were – two pink lines staring up at me. I paused, waiting for the influx of emotion to wash over me. It never came. As much as I had been hoping and praying for this, I couldn’t seem to […]

A Breakfast with Love

waffle hearts

On a typical day, mornings include waking up, getting out of bed, drinking coffee, taking a bath and starting your daily routine. The kids are getting ready for school, and Mom and Dad are getting prepared to go to work. It was always instilled in me that breakfast is the most important thing of the […]

504 Plans

mom and son

Hello, my name is Lupe Torres! I would like to start by thanking everyone for the opportunity to let me share my experience with the 504 plans. First, here is a little bit about me and my family. I live in the city of Las Vegas, and I have three children, two sons and one […]

Speaking from the Heart

kid on bike

In my family, we have always been very open about issues related to hemophilia. I already knew from a very young age that being the daughter of a person with this condition brought the chance that when I had male children they could be born with hemophilia; and if I have females, they could transmit […]

Who Am I?

My last blog as all about the numerous transitions happening in my house. My son turned 18, went to a once a week prophy dosing (completely independent!), is getting ready to graduate from high school and soon will be leaving for college. Yikes!I am so often reminded lately of this quote that is 110% true […]

When Vacations Mean So Much More

Summer is finally here! We all know that means a lot of outdoor fun and vacations. For individuals with hemophilia, vacations can mean challenges.I remember when my son Michael was a little boy and traveling was a lot different than it is today. Michael is twenty-right years of age and has severe Hemophilia B with […]

By Erring You Learn

When I was in high school I was interested in taking Italian classes as I loved the language and had the dreamy idea of living one year in the beautiful Bel Paese. My dream never came true, however I have always remembered a phrase I learned in my class: Sbegliando S’Impara. Perhaps I was destined […]

We Are All Family

Thank you for being a friend (if that song stays with you all day, you can thank me). A lot of the time we in the bleeding disorder community talk about it being a family. Here’s the thing: you all are my family.I have some blood family that I barely know, because I was adopted […]

COVID-19 and a Bleeding Disorder

Hello, my name is Lupe Torres and I live in the city of Las Vegas, NV. I have three children: Alex (25), Jesse (19) and Michelle (24). My daughter has vWD type 1 and Factor V Leiden. My son Jesse has Factor V Leiden and a rare bleeding disorder. About a year ago when the […]

A Changing World

Hello. My name is Ana and I live in El Paso, Texas. Today’s topic that I want to share with you is undoubtedly about COVID-19. We all know that everything has changed because of the pandemic and that these are challenging times for the entire world as the coronavirus continues to spread. The increase in […]