1983- Cutter Recalls Several Infected Lots of Factor

1983 Cutter Factor Recall

October 31, 1983

RE:          Konyne® Factor IX Complex (Human)

Lot Product Code
NC 9117 620-20

Koāte® Antihemophillic Factor (Human)

Lot Product Code Lot Product Code Lot Product Code
NC 8458 650-30 NC 8460 650-30 NC8461 650-30
NC 8462 650-70 NC 8470 650-30 NC 8474 650-30
NC 8475 650-20 NC 8476 650-20 NC 8477 650-50
NC 8479 650-30Z NC 8480 650-30Z NC 8489 650-30Z
NC 8493 650-20Z

The purpose of this letter is to make you aware that the above lots contain plasma donated from an individual who subsequently was diagnosed as have Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (A.I.D.S.).
Cutter is voluntarily withdrawing this material as a precautionary measure, as there is no evidence that these products will transmit the disease. No adverse reactions involving these lots have been reported.
Please examine your stock immediately to determine if you have any of the above lots on hand, and promptly return all units via UPS to the nearest Distribution Centers:Cutter Distribution Center

  • 15320 East Salt Lake Avenue
    City of Industry, CA 91744
    ATTENTION: RECALL COORDINATORCutter Distribution Center
  • 6155 Purdue Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30336

Please institute similar measure to assure that all recipients of the above material from you are notified and arrangements made for return of all units.
You will be credited for your returned goods and the postage. Would you please return the enclosed postcard immediately providing the requested information.
This recall is being made with the knowledge of the Food and Drug Administration. If you have any questions, please contact coordinator, Jean Huxsoll, at (415)420-5154. Thank you for your assistance.

John H. Cherry
Director, Group Quality Assurance