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        When it comes to your hemophilia A treatment        B:8.75"
        Move beyond the threshold                           a

        Esperoct  can give you high factor levels for longer. b

        Extend half-life beyond the standard 22-hour average half-life in adults     c

                                      FOR ADULTS AND ADOLESCENTS
                      Switching made easy                      High factor levels           Flexible on the go
          with a standard 50 IU/kg dose every 4 days              At or above 3%          The ONLY extended half-life
              -50% fewer infusions if you previously infused   for 100% of the time d,e    product that can be stored
                          every other day                         At or above 5%                up to 104°F g
                                                                                             Please see Brief Summary for
          -40% fewer infusions if you previously infused 3x a week  for 90% of the time d,f  complete storage instructions.
        Safety Proven across 5 studies, the largest and longest EHL clinical trial program

        a Of 1% trough factor levels for standard half-life (SHL) products in adults and adolescents.
        b Compared with SHL products.
        c Data shown are from 42 adults who received a pharmacokinetic (PK) assessment around the first Esperoct  50 IU/kg dose.

        d  Trough level goal is 1% for prophylaxis.
        e  Data shown are from a study where 175 previously treated adolescents and adults received routine prophylaxis with Esperoct  50 IU/kg every 4 days.
         Pre-dose factor activity (trough) levels were evaluated at follow-up visits. Mean trough levels for adolescents (12-<18 years) were 2.7 IU/dL.
        f Steady-state FVIII activity levels were estimated in 143 adults and adolescents using pharmacokinetic modeling.
        g For up to 3 months.                                                                                                  S:9.875"  T:11"  B:11.25"
        What is Esperoct ?                                     What should I tell my healthcare provider before
        Esperoct  [antihemophilic factor (recombinant), glycopegylated-  using Esperoct ?
        exei] is an injectable medicine to treat and prevent or reduce   •  Before taking Esperoct , you should tell your healthcare
        the number of bleeding episodes in people with hemophilia A.   provider if you have or have had any medical conditions, take
        Your healthcare provider may give you Esperoct  when you   any medicines (including non-prescription medicines and
        have surgery                                             dietary supplements), are nursing, pregnant or planning to
        • Esperoct  is not used to treat von Willebrand Disease   become pregnant, or have been told that you have inhibitors
                                                                 to factor VIII
        IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION                           •  Your body can make antibodies called “inhibitors” against
        Who should not use Esperoct ?                            Esperoct , which may stop Esperoct  from working properly.
        •  You should not use Esperoct  if you are allergic to factor VIII   Call your healthcare provider right away if your
          or any of the other ingredients of Esperoct  or if you are   bleeding does not stop after taking Esperoct ®
          allergic to hamster proteins                         What are the possible side effects of Esperoct ?
        What is the most important information I need to know   •  Common side effects of Esperoct  include rash or itching,
        about Esperoct ?                                         and swelling, pain, rash or redness at the location of infusion
        •  Do not attempt to do an infusion yourself unless you
          have been taught how by your healthcare provider or    Please see Brief Summary of Prescribing Information
          hemophilia treatment center                            on the following page.
        •  Call your healthcare provider right away or get
          emergency treatment right away if you get any signs of
          an allergic reaction, such as: hives, chest tightness, wheezing,   Discover more at
          dizziness, dif culty breathing, and/or swelling of the face

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                        New Jersey 08536 U.S.A.
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