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                                                                                   Assisting, educating, and advocating
                                                                                   for the bleeding disorders
                 Executive Corner                                                  community since 1994.
                                                                                   Volume 22 • Issue 2 • Special Issue 2022

           6     a Form                                                            Board Chair • Allie Ritcey
                 Informed Consent: A Process, Not Just                             EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP

                                                                                   PRODUCTION TEAM
                                                                                   Editor • Meghan Lawton
                                                                                   Managing Editor • Melanie
           8                                                                       Design & Layout • Brad Latham
                 A Look at the Drug Recall Process                                 Padgett Powers

                                                                                   Contributing Writers
         12                                                                        Jennifer Larson
                 Weighing the Benefits of Gene Therapy                             Dara Chadwick

                                                                                   The information printed in
                                                                                   Dateline Federation is provided
        20       Is Factor Still Relevant?                                         for general purpose use. HFA does

                                                                                   not give medical advice or engage
                                                                                   in the practice of medicine and
                                                                                   recommends that you consult with your
        44       FDA Drug Approval Process                                         physician or local treatment center before

                                                                                   beginning any form of treatment.

                                                                                   Requests for permission to translate
        76       Clinical Studies: How Do They Work?                               or reprint contents of Dateline

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        26       Current Products for Treatment                                    All rights reserved.

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        48       Emerging Therapies

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