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A Look at the Drug

                                 Recall Process

                                                       BY HFA STAFF

        I                                                       A recall is an action taken by a manufacturer to remove
           t’s important in the bleeding disorders community
           to be aware of recalls and what a recall means. It is
                                                                a product (food, drugs, medical devices and cosmetics)
           important to pay attention when a product is recalled,
        but with all the different sources of information and    from the market, initiated either by the manufacturer or
                                                                by request from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration
        the different types of recalls, it can be confusing.    (FDA). In either case, the manufacturer removes or
        Recalls, designed to protect the public’s health, are    corrects a product that is in the market and in violation
        used as a way to deliver information to consumers in    of FDA rules and regulations. In both cases, the FDA
        an expeditious manner.                                  considers the recall to be manufacturer initiated.

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